I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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This Naked Truth

love is truth

this naked groove
we held on
with our eyes
our bodies
our lips
forever this moment
etched in truth

Truth Is Love

music plays quiet reminder

body and soul does yearn

a want to feel presence

yet silent recall

is his only calculate device.


woke to a familiar scene

long thrown hair danced

upon his chest in rest

she stretched alongside

skin upon skin

white linen shroud.


he does hold on to the vision

the ‘nook’ a descriptor

she gave him with sweet smile

her lips upon his

passion unbridled

he does stir in his alone.


She is his truth.


When I Do Know Is The Difficulty

Oh, to have those reckoning moments,

when it is clarity,

two people perhaps miles apart,

suddenly in a cyclone do find calm.


After the ground settles,

roots ripped out of vessels of life,

the neighbor,

anyone in the path sometimes seems aside.


Focus does return to finding the peace,

a lovely sort of delightful knowing,

the partiality of love,

being central in the mind of two.


Yet our world does continue – always will

as will my desire to find reason to keep us still.

A Simple Love

This world we create,

our actions,

begun by sewn ideals,

blend together a desire,

and we all can appreciate,

we all might initiate,

everyone can learn to negotiate,

a simple love.


Inside a world there is forgiveness,

this ability to understand,

to move forward, let go,

perhaps teach the world around us

to allow our lives a freedom.


Dreams contain a story,

its one we all might recall,

each of us having a different tone,

yet the same,

that simple love

we all wish we might conceive,

in the blend of well known chaos.


I do love her,

I believe in a spirit,

an energy that is an attractive

reminder of a certain


it is her own,

a simple love.

When Do We Land

When in the autumn the skies turn,
The hostility of an icy storm,
Looming in the distance, we know
Our lives are being addressed
We belong in the path of change
Yet we haven’t found where.

Perhaps we wish to be the fighter,
The one that does get away,
Changes the atmospheric tone of
Life in a different mind,
A different world than this one so kind,
We might rather a happenchance.

Do you remember the winter of 01,
When the world became as one,
Separated by the storms evil grin,
Weighing down our choices,
To survive the arctic wrath so toward,
We couldn’t possibly understand.

I recall a woman’s lovely face, such eyes
As warmed the frost on layered
Winds, to allow a life to feel as one,
The wonder of it all.
I remember when I could make her laugh,
And the skies were blue – so long.

If we do make a choice to love someone,
We have to know the reasons
Why the pain does always remind us why
The winds of change will come,
The skies their effervescent hue so true,
Will give the grey, a sweet eternal peace.

When Truth Forbids Chance

Oh I have tried,

I do love you with all my being,

and would sacrifice a world,

one filled with reputation and avarice,

for the soul that might challenge

a societal norm.


How often would I tell her

she completes the essence of my reason

to examine any notion in my mind.


How easily could I look in her eyes

and tell exactly what it was that mattered

to me in the moment.


It is always you,

all ways lead to your heart,

and it is me that breaks the path,

by locking onto selfish needs,

rather than the appreciation of just how

magical my life has become with you by my side.


Oh to vent a passion like ours,

would write volumes of beauty and grace,

carve into tree trunks, the solid hearts

that symbolize summers and hot spring days,

and impulsive scenarios where two people,

just allowed life to take them in its arms,

and kneel before the starlit sky,

a kiss, a smile, a gasp,

and it was then,

I knew I could know no other love.

A Crushing Blow

When wanting hope,

to last, to settle in around the vacant stares,

those we own,

we scan a room with little fanfare,

our way of letting time pass beyond the norm,

it is indeed,

a crushing blow,

when hope becomes the reality of confusion.


Tonight, perhaps I recognize cynicism

rather alarming

to recognize a desire once felt,

seems out of reach,

beyond the norm,

the glass wall gives a perfect view

the lonely man,

wandering the open spaces,

wondering if ever there might be some

tangible evidence

allows his life to become whole again.