I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Speaking Silence


Into Moonlight

These moments,

when I suddenly feel the urgency,

I’m going to risk it all,

I’m wanting to bring you with me,

for that second my inspiration will say,


I will want you,

in the fleeting aspiration

of a hot summer night,

I’ll sacrifice everything to hold you in my arms,

to feel your skin touch my own, under the moon.

When We Were Real

When we needed no prompts

accept the pleasure of real,

while all around the humanity

of our day,

continued to be on display.


When ripping your clothes off

created a chuckle of passionate embrace,

when the skin we caressed became heated

in a delicious manner toward reaching that nirvana

we thought about all day until now.


While the world outside continued

with routine ambiance, in here

we began an exploration with tongues and hands,

wet with desire, gasps to instruct us,

time was our own body playful in release.


Then suddenly eyes,

always in the middle of love-making,

that moment, when after strength and urgency

found her every region,

she would turn to me and plead.


In my own agony toward a pleasure’s moment,

I would search inside,

find a way to allow her own confidence

to know what we are about to do,

is truly beautiful in innocence, perilous in mind.


Young stars at our own game,

each of us trying to better the other hand,

to reach a climax might be too soon,

perhaps always an opportunity,

certainly never too late – she does writhe.


Want, this day to last forever,

as now arching our backs in unison,

we feel an internal explosion, a standard,

we come to anticipate,

yet each time we’re led breathless in release.


To share love with you as real as the moment we piece

together in our minds, surely offers a delightful peace.

Would That You May

Respond in beauty inherent an elegant glance

waltz through a room with pure innocence.

A pleat lives in fury as in winds take a chance

her external peace, her mystique felt whence


She would stroll past my eyes on this night

She hasn’t seen me though perhaps she does

always recognize that in some way she might

breathe azure, a hummingbird has sweet buzz


When found in repose on a hot summer day.

I would capture the moment of pure delight

to know her beauty is omniscient in some way.

I would begin to know a sensuality in her light.


Taps upon my heart, smitten need a dancer’s dove

coo to her reminiscent glide in paths of love.

Windows and Miles

Across the skies we see miles of windows,

Buildings stretch as far as we can see,

Yet we can only imagine the activity in those

Windows contain secrets beyond thee.


I suppose she might be clinging to a cubicle

While he bangs her silly in the afternoon

Sunlight, while the rest of the office dutiful

Looks beyond, whistling their simple tune.


Imagine all the board room tables, cherry wood

Sprawled across her legs open his face

Buried inside a tongue fast moving while his wood

Awaits her mouth, working with such haste.


Oh, and the elevators across the city wide active

With the treatment of quickies and soft fuck,

The sort that when you hear about you just live

To have the opportunity one day to be stuck.


On the street corner she waves her hands at him,

A room upstairs with stench and just a bed

He wonders if today might be the day to act a whim

Not realizing in a minute his world might be dead.


The morning skies began to blur as the first plane hit

We all wondered on the morning news the act

Of a misguided pilot until just then another jet split

Through the upper floors to begin a scene chaotic.


We all have this common thread of lust run trough our veins,

Not knowing beyond his cumshot, her climax, their orgasm,

What lies ahead beyond our immediate need remains

In ignorance as the world collapse slow toward a chasm …

Today we glance across the sky in new windows and views

Relieved to know erotica can still exist in shadow’s ruse.

When We Were Bold

We could speak openly about our pains,

Use each other’s eyes to protect ourselves

Remember when it used to be easy to know

How far you could push me, love you?

That walk along Harmon avenue arguments

About the mail, when really had nothing to do

With anything beyond knowing we were through

Reaching the end,

The sidewalk cracks in the concrete

More important than the soul

Of the person walking in stride,

Looking straight ahead,

In both our heads,

Wondering what the words might be,

What’s next,

Should we just, if I, really, could we continue

Talking about the mail?