I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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This Quiet Shell

I am this quiet

piece of my remaining self,

no one knows,

I won’t let anyone else


I’m only this

secluded memory

not shared



This Yearn, This Beautiful Way

When once, we did reach,

only together in the quiet,

hearts pounding,

when once, did I cradle you

in my arms,

sensing a freedom that would

let me fall inside you

only to know you,

to feel a certain chaos

in my mind,


told me so,

reaction to allowing this

grace, this yearn, this search

to comfort your own confusion.


We did,

this our wander,

until now,

my eyes,

they well,

a quiet response

a journey, sojourn, travel

a place where finding


asked in genteel terms,

and yet,

I play out the Victorian beauty

of such is our lives,

the constant …


I am in a quiet,


my hope only

an offer of peace,

yet, wish an understanding,

to know my love,


does yearn,

does wake to a loneliness

does want,

though in this moment,

I remember


Lost Sight

Hope, desire

the notion of passion steps away

when in quiet

nostalgic dream

turn to slow fade

this now what is, was real,

is only a welcome fantasy

holds a bittersweet



suggestive reality,

one I didn’t choose,

yet will only live.

No promise,

soft is beauty

just out of reach.

Kindness matters far too much

than a practice

that which only confusion


Be elegant sweet Zelda.

In What Life

May I choose

to forsaken the loss

a mystique perhaps

in moonlit serenade

yet standing now


without –

rather when

a gasp

were a shared reckoning.

I stand alone

wanting only

peace in solace

beyond the silence

the quiet …


I Stand Alone

I wish you could hear me,

no words,

just soft breathing,

finding a pace,

finding some way

to send my heart toward

your eyes,

to hear you feel,

to know you can smile,

I wish you could see

how happy I want you to be.

I wish you could see past the fear,

and then you might know me


Please Just Stop My Heart

It is when the pain becomes so unbearable,

when the hope is gone,

when even waiting and having faith,

seem to be a ludicrous option.

When the knowledge of what is real and fantasy

do blur themselves,

so that there is no edge,

it just runs open for miles into the country,

where no one might ever find it again.

There is a comfort in understanding the country life,

it is a sweet simplicity,

not meant to be ignored,

only certainty allows its existence

to become a natural course of one’s life,

one’s ambition,

their hope and dreams,

the uncanny ability to know peace.

There would also seem to be a purpose,

a reason to live,

because there are no obstacles,

when we can walk freely in the wood,

to drift into the sheltered brush of the country,

a place where nature begins,

and let’s everyone return.

Last Night I Cried

It was afterward,

When the dust did settle,

When alone in my quiet,

I did recall,

Not just the time, that was sweet,

More the opportunity,

To know, to love, to understand …


Beauty is not simply what we see,

It is the embody of all,

Every aspect of whom we believe,

Might show desire, a passion, a sense,

Always dignity, always integrity,

Inside our heart

We discover in those moments soft,

We do recognize truth.


So when the tears came,

I wasn’t shy

As much as I did only rely,

On the reality of my tears,

They were designed for you,

For her, for now, for the moment,

That we could suddenly feel,

This was the real our tears,

Now streaming, allowed the two of us,

To love.