I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Sweet Wine

Oh to taste lips of raspberry wine,

to imagine,

sweet love,

the moment passion

might sweep inside

desire’s mind.


Oh to know the essence

of her touch

when quiet

in the moonlit serenade

her gasp direct me.


Oh to wonder the sensual

nature of passion,

when unbridled a society

allows two lovers

to own magical lives as one.

Affirming Desire


In that moment,
a kiss,
the wetness lips found,
a gasp, a shudder, hands in caress,
will in sudden pull,
find each other.

It is when I can travel,
my lips leaving your own,
to find a naked shoulder, the skin I imagine (hope)
comes alive with my needed touch.
Yes, it is my need to find your own release,
my desire,
to, as I roam your naked body, I can cause utterance
whereby if I glance, your eyes,
they do dance with a certain delightful abandon.

Yet I have just begun,
there is so much of you to touch,
to feel, to hold, to know…
I would if time permit allow my trace, sweet breath, wet kisses,
a gathering of every centered zone your sweet lips,
beg my travel, my hands underneath would pull you to me,
and I would never end, always finding a new taste,
a sex,
a sensual accentuate sexual design,

sketched upon your beauty.

* photo found on Etsy

Within Your Eyes


I will miss those afternoon siestas in your eyes

the delicious passion could satisfy my desire


let me recall my tongue diving upon an ear naked

sweet gasps might I explore your wet hair soft


a journey begun sweet hands caress my shoulders

while my lips search the back of her neck, knowing


as I began to trace your skin with searching tongue,

your breasts tease my naked body, saying yes,


please do, now, yes, I want you to go there soon,

while I wait and play the beauty and grace of you,


lips slide upon your lower back while hands knead

your buttocks clean, smooth urging long fingertips,


those you’ve known inside, those that have gentle

traced lovely designs upon aroused skin, breathless.


I will remember such soft moments waiting, teasing

real sensations, your fingertips grasp my desire,


there it is, that’s what I want, are your eyes closed,

I’d rather you were with me inside, elegant eyes.

An Observed Interlude

the wait

I chose her to be delicious, to be vulnerable, to appear lovely,

she could hear me breathe across the room,

I wanted her to settle her heart in anticipation to hear me freely

gasp while her beauty did my eyes consume

She was there only for the thrill of mystique, our desire

to play with a surreal notion of capture,

without worry she is confident no harm while the fire

of swift passion our bodies could endure.

Hers is a vulnerability meant to be designed with a care

for well being, a pleasant elegance is she

wrapped in silks, a lingerie a man would dream to dare

be the rapture of his fantasy only for free.

the blindfold in the moment to allow my rasps would direct

her hands to sweep her arms to taste an air

of sheer coveted need, as damp tease she could sense a perfect

opportunity now as wanton touch might dare.

I did glance the pensive expression on her lovely face

the sort that indicates arousal is indeed

of a quiet climax soon to moans and my own steady pace

would we together intermingle her lead.

For it is I the observer who steams along for this ride,

I watch as soon her beauty unravels a release

as when now our skin touch, sensation begins a tide

gentle storms select surreal … soft is her peace.


*photo found on Tumblr

Chocolate and Sex

Eyes closed

I can taste you,

syrup runs my cheeks,

I will stay here and let my tongue

melt you

soothe my slow slide


so damn good

wrap my teeth around your center,

a sip of simple pleasure,

why not reach inside to find the fruit,

that piece, that pie, that nougat, that you,

gasp, lips wet

ready to chew, yet only gently,

just to peal the edge of your need,

waiting, wanting, whisper such a tease

that your body may react to the breeze.

I want you to melt me with your desire,

taste me, twirl me, my fingertips have now …

wet, explosive journey inside,

time for that sweet sensational

eye roll


swallow me, voracious now,

I will lick chocolate off your lips

while I kiss your beauty.

Hungry mouths anticipate

a longer sojourn of sweet pleasure.

My Eyes did Adore You

When I do recall

deep blue beautiful

I was too young to realize

the lovely seas of dreams you held

sweet hands that soft might

fancy my need.

I would rather return to your eyes

the wash of real I could breathe again.

If I might return to a moment

locked in gaze,

traveling toward your center

lips part just a gasp finds you,

if I could imagine eyes that might melt,

yours when touch allows,

simple sensuality,

now speaks to me, asks me further,

as inside my world you scramble,

our passions intermingle toward some foundation,

tonight the caress of a foyer wall,

I kick the door shut,

you chuckle with me in full grasp,

I want to play within your world yet my mouth yearns

to find the silk that tease sweet nipples,

I bite, you like, I bite, you gasp, I bite,

you hold on with swift motion makes me nearly collapse

in the notion of your desire.

The doorbell rings, damn, pizza is early again

when we touch

a sweet kiss on your cheek, my risk

perhaps yours too, yet I was …

well I didn’t know how you would feel,

then you smiled, my heart skipped, I laughed …


For when she walked away that night,

I knew love, something,

there was this special part of me –

you awakened me in the quiet of my restless world.


‘will you come up for a little while’

that standard set of words that reality that place

where a man wants to rest his body

that beauty of a woman’s invitation.


of course he wants to go up there,

he knows that when they are together,

the world will change, without any need to wonder,

she will open up her world to his eyes.


oh how easy that used to be,

when falling in love meant laying aside

any need to analyze the moment,

oh how easy it was to see her … beauty


‘I’ve been wearing these jeans for eight days,

they fit just right, don’t you think?’

Don’t you think, don’t ever think, don’t let your mind

interrupt this idyllic world of grace and harmony.


We were three floors above the rest of the world,

the door opened, and center stage,

her world, she invited me in, and we shared

our body, spirit, our demons and angels, our love.


sometimes memory just isn’t enough

when we touch we remember how much

we wanted each other,

I remember wanting you – right now.