I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Wherever We Go Waves

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while wherever we go
the waves of passion will
sweet like the rise of an ocean
tide in the early evening
recall her certainty
that beauty is something
forgotten when we choose
to step away upon
a land we confuse
to be the only solace to
in sorrow’s path
we might look upon
the fading horizon
quite forever

oh then, she does appear
near the hour of dusk
would my dreams
ever become the reality
she once imagined
in smile
soft are hidden eyes
ocean sighs

Touch Think


I do wish my hands
her yearn
tells me so
perhaps she only suggests
beauty how I linger to feel
my palm
cause her needing
she waits, she arches, she feels
might be a wanton need
oh let me man’s
want fulfill
caress human condition
Is love a wanton

May Enticement Speak

1AA2FF66-6624-47F3-81EE-367D329341CBOh to hold sweet passion at bay,

simple leisure of a swift hand,

in the balance of discretion,

my how the gift of her mystique

would draw a man to his knees,

would she then be the pretend,

the vehicle toward quiet a blaze

his mind in a toss of impulse

her body that temple travel light

to find each region, to know gasp

he might spend a lifetime if only

to begin, hers is a sojourn of pleasure

a delicious matter of sensuality.

Swift is the heated caress of her tease,

His, the leisure she eyes, silent allowance.

I Will Imagine


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Though I’m asked not,

I cannot help myself,

a clear moment,

a clarity,

a vision of her,

I do respond in sweetest  memory.


Would I that an afternoon might remind

my heart of the quiet free-for-all

her sweet touch,

the essence of warmth,

when bodies do intermingle,

I might feel her next to me,



In the essential silence

I will create in my mind,

those waking eyes,

the thrust of our passion,

in throes of an eternal hour,

well past the imagined


of if, might we, could, would,

it will be in my mind a sensuality.


A surreal peace,

come over me,

shelter my disposition,

she holds a red umbrella,

beholden my heart,

for it is in her soul

my love always begins.

A Glance Contains a Smile


It is with provocative pose,

she sets the tone,

body toned,

eyes to wander wonder,

she is beauty in repose.


Her glance is private,

allowing only certain eyes

to bask in sweet elegance,

the shadows of love,

lost in the element of disguise.


Oh to wander along naked skin,

to feel the arch of a sensitive touch,

we might last forever,

if when the two hearts we pose,

would, could venture beyond fantasy.


Poised and beyond reach,

a seduction sweet to savor,

hers is a lovely sensuality

any man might favor,

yet one should always know,

the respect of her labor is true.


Oh to relish in the prowess

is her innocence

to know the travels sweet lips

would venture once her eyes

give allowance to departure.


Then there is the essence of reach

for hers is a quiet and dignified center.

If We Might Imagine Real

When once we could

sense one another,

hold fast to each other,

feel our bodies intermingle,

my hands soft fall,

fingertips touch a naked arm,

shoulder to wrist,

I want you to feel my touch,

while yours,

touch my back,


pulling me close,

feeling my need rise

toward your own center,

we appeal to one another,

lips a sweet creation

a oneness,

while in passion’s grace

skin to skin

our lives

are within the realm

of why it is we wish to be,

and knowing such,

we do,

we will continue a journey

long before the reckoning,

we begin to search

each other’s desire,

a sensuality

found easily one inside

the realm within

a reach

When We Do Encounter Time

In a romantic sidewalk cafe,

drawn by sweet energy,

our touch imagined

becomes one,

a soft reminder of why,

of what, of when, because,

we might, we can, we wish

to then hold one another

in passion’s embrace.


We do then find our smile,

a touch,

fingertip trace a familiar strand of elegance,

a smile while raised eyebrows

suggest comfort lost and found again,

hands fall together to hold on,

to hold on,

to allow time to pass while hearts do breathe.


Smile with me, and know forever is

the immediacy of love.