I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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I Would When


When my eyes hide behind soft shoulders

gripping you forever in a moment lost,

I wonder if when I wander beyond

your touch, my imagination, my mind

elsewhere, yet yearning your every taste,

I feel you upon me, grasping my inner soul.

Yet I’m away, I’m off, I’m with …

another chapter of our lives, perhaps

yet defined, probably most unkind

to the love — you caress my desire

in a manner I cannot deny.

Wonder with me so we can both

enjoy the ride, the ride, ride me.


*photo found on Tumblr

Word Want

I, when alone study

notions of her fantasy

we seldom waiver


perhaps a profile

coffee in a pencil skirt

sit nearby my eyes


when while wondering

we would wander wanton wild

whisper wise welcome


stand nearby for now

I will wait to have you know

we could dance tonight


will you lean with me

allow eyes skin naked grace

could we please go on


tease my eyes desire

my obsession is your persona

please let me please, you

When I Speak of ‘Her’


I wish,

breathe a slow steady sleek

vision suggests wherever might touch

bring pleasure,

the eyes might be a primary vehicle.

Sleep with me is the gaze

I desire

seeing her as a journey tonight,

in the dreams I will create in my want of her.

Remove her clothes

she will in the quiet of a fantasy,

fingertips begin to circle a world beyond my


I would if might chance allow


sweet serenity to want a response,

to want a need to be replaced

with absolute arousal.

When I do imagine her

in the light of a romantic fire

would my mind think anything else

beyond a treasure,

well past assuming anything at all

yet only a constant reminder of beauty.

Beauty that is her,

flesh alive, in black and white my mind,

needs little color to know

the flush exterior holds a fire inside.

She is beauty


we must know that before we can ever

demand her freedom.

She is a gift, and I am pleasure,

the release of her own burdens

become my rite of passage.

For it is she I wish to love.


*photo found on Pinterest

Natural Beauty

A moment of for Man


We are grateful

to have the vision of your eyes

wells of soulful delight in a sea

we welcome losing our selves.


When while in the wisp of a soft breeze,

strands, lilting bangs tease your cheeks,

on naked shoulders rest with a sensual light,

we imagine twirling your gasp.


Woo us with a posture

accentuates sweet lines we imagine

twirling a fingertip creates a new line,

a new sensual twist toward tease.


Would we that when standing near

notice delicious locked knees to suggest,

‘this is me celebrating humanity’

all of us together do design our fantasy.


We might allow our hands to feel

the surreal arousal of your own response

to a slow caress, a magic in a certain taut

beauty in skin, in grasp, lets me slide


Inside your world is so alive that we can only

give thanks, sweet respect, in elegance,

in a surreal sensuality, as a man, delight

in woman.

When We Tango

My internal need feeds

upon her nakedness

shoulders respond to breeze

wet with willful pause taste desire,

gasps bring naked bodies together,

a dance moves in constant form

thigh grinds her center while he does feel

her ankles pulling his chest close,

nipple in mouth, now fingers finding her lower back,

the heat below is a tease,

she chuckles knowing he could slide in,

‘damn him’ grasps his length with gentle bite.


The small of her back arched to a tongue in motion,

her buttocks offer life to his chest as he reaches her neck,

winds around a waiting naked sound,

she drives him toward her,

he lifts her wet beauty,

only to test her now – three fingers that slide freely,

a moan,

please let me play with you for a bit longer,

her tongue speaks in circular tones,

her hands now immediate,

stroking while she wets his desire,

he turns her, his hands cupping her breasts,

pulls her to his chest,

head thrown back so she can have his lips,

teeth biting … shoulders, her mouth searching for his,

a lift and we’re inside

ready to ride …

tango tonight.

Secrets & Fabric

In your eyes I am alone,

yet within, I am dancing,

a slow, methodical, serene


where the skin in slide

responds a tease


just for me you see.

Certainly might eyes imagine,

please don’t agree

with a sentiment that many

might wish to infer,

let that desire, passion,


be the inspiration

for only the beholder’s eye,

yet allow me the freedom

to explore my own

erotic level of personal pleasure.

Inside of me,

I have dressed the part,

a luxurious rhythm

with each leg cross,

every moment I stretch

an arm to reach a cup,

to sip a java

sends shivers deep

within the fabric of my soul.

Let me have this

you might see,

a smile worthy of decency,

yet unbridled spontaneity

reacts internally,

the very exploration,

deep sensual release,

only for me.

Then again,

a Ben Wa smile

sends me miles,

there are secrets

you see.

When We Do

While we


slow silent


unbridled urgency


trial tease


kiss kama


further felt


time tested


slide sutra


certain complete


“NO …”