I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Stand In Wonder



For they do, they will,

some might, some,


it is what they will.


Yet, woman as seen,


with natural elegance,

oh perhaps, a clever seduction.


This is me, in my moment,

not meant for your base

alignment of my purpose,

more simply meant to be …


It is that lovely part of the

human mystique,

I do so enjoy the linens,

allow me to respond.


A silent night,

and a movie star,

is born,

it is an old Hollywood script.


Yet, when we are all done,

the saddest tales on the

cutting room floor,

remember this is me.


For tonight, I’m a rising star,

in a sultry red dress,

a lovely LA steam draws

my skin tight silk fantasy.

Asking Forgiveness

For it is my heart

begun this circus,

for inside my dreams,

I held promise for her eyes,

I did

become the lover

in a vast delight,

a wonder of beauty and elegance,

were my reward,

falling in love

knowing the sweet splendor

in sailing to serenity

follow my eyes

she would suggest

sweet gasp.

A Glance Contains a Smile


It is with provocative pose,

she sets the tone,

body toned,

eyes to wander wonder,

she is beauty in repose.


Her glance is private,

allowing only certain eyes

to bask in sweet elegance,

the shadows of love,

lost in the element of disguise.


Oh to wander along naked skin,

to feel the arch of a sensitive touch,

we might last forever,

if when the two hearts we pose,

would, could venture beyond fantasy.


Poised and beyond reach,

a seduction sweet to savor,

hers is a lovely sensuality

any man might favor,

yet one should always know,

the respect of her labor is true.


Oh to relish in the prowess

is her innocence

to know the travels sweet lips

would venture once her eyes

give allowance to departure.


Then there is the essence of reach

for hers is a quiet and dignified center.

A Quiet Whisper

Our worlds travel miles in a variety of direction.

We seem to know though,

always the other might wonder,

we count on it,

our way of staying in tune with a lovely energy.


I knew today to be one of nostalgic recognition

Filling my mind with memory,

sweet wonder of a surrounding quiet,

a calm influence

will provide a shadow of eternal peace.


She is in a place where a spiritual solace is sound.

One can only imagine beauty,

when left to our own design of elegance,

the truth is clear,

she will forever hold my heart so dear.


Oh, to know this will always be the manner,

to understand that life together is forever free.

There Was This Kiss

A slow, purposeful glance of lips,

eyes check,

a need to watch pleasure,

to know he is searching forever,

it seems,

each time the kiss

begins another journey,

he dives in wanting to seek shelter

in the mystique

of sweet sensuality,

her gasp,

his manner,

she returns to find him,

he is lost,

yet so very found when she

holds his breath with

a quiet touch.

Only Erotic

When I do touch her,

there is this immediate

sensory need to know pleasure,

not my own,

hers, the sense of where I might be,

will soon discover a gasp,

a garment with my teeth,

a gently bite of her shoulder,

swept away to a naked caress,

and my tongue and lips explore

her every being,

and yet, we are just beginning,

I move with hands on shoulders,

her open neck waiting,

enough to know when touch,

her head flails,

wanting my every motion to capture,

the essence of her woman.


… and then I will let my hands cup

the simple nature of her being,

lips finding, fingertips tracing,

tongue a twirl,

now it is her gasps will let my hands

fall to discover a center,

that part of her beauty I imagine,

only when apart how much I would carefully,

with precision,

find her,

move her,

taste her excitement.


For it is then we know there is integrity,

in the nature of woman, in woman,

in her wanting to feel,

wanting to reveal that which will

allow me to reach inside her whole.

When Truth Forbids Chance

Oh I have tried,

I do love you with all my being,

and would sacrifice a world,

one filled with reputation and avarice,

for the soul that might challenge

a societal norm.


How often would I tell her

she completes the essence of my reason

to examine any notion in my mind.


How easily could I look in her eyes

and tell exactly what it was that mattered

to me in the moment.


It is always you,

all ways lead to your heart,

and it is me that breaks the path,

by locking onto selfish needs,

rather than the appreciation of just how

magical my life has become with you by my side.


Oh to vent a passion like ours,

would write volumes of beauty and grace,

carve into tree trunks, the solid hearts

that symbolize summers and hot spring days,

and impulsive scenarios where two people,

just allowed life to take them in its arms,

and kneel before the starlit sky,

a kiss, a smile, a gasp,

and it was then,

I knew I could know no other love.