I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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When Do We Land

When in the autumn the skies turn,
The hostility of an icy storm,
Looming in the distance, we know
Our lives are being addressed
We belong in the path of change
Yet we haven’t found where.

Perhaps we wish to be the fighter,
The one that does get away,
Changes the atmospheric tone of
Life in a different mind,
A different world than this one so kind,
We might rather a happenchance.

Do you remember the winter of 01,
When the world became as one,
Separated by the storms evil grin,
Weighing down our choices,
To survive the arctic wrath so toward,
We couldn’t possibly understand.

I recall a woman’s lovely face, such eyes
As warmed the frost on layered
Winds, to allow a life to feel as one,
The wonder of it all.
I remember when I could make her laugh,
And the skies were blue – so long.

If we do make a choice to love someone,
We have to know the reasons
Why the pain does always remind us why
The winds of change will come,
The skies their effervescent hue so true,
Will give the grey, a sweet eternal peace.

While Watching Love

A quiet eye

simple dawn lighting

the afterward in hours measured

we too did love

create steady moment, the unbridled fare

consume our every touch

while each travel inside each other

called upon a slow

yet lovely realization

All consulate exhausted one another

so we might fall to rest


waking later I did

for length of my sated body


her near

then I would glance

her hair flowing free across my chest

a sweet sensual length covers

her passionate release

whle I glance

knowing her center

will call toward want me further

In respectful elegance, her accentuate love.

In Knowing Why

A slow burn,

the gradual release

when the mind,

chooses to listen

rather then react to the news.


I know I love,

hearts strings touch reality

exist in my every breath,

each moment I glance,

the look is for her eyes.


Yes there is a certain peace

in knowing

when no longer the confusion

implies a fabrication,

or suggests impulsivity.


Today the warmth of truth,

skin against skin,

I do, did, will touch the world

when in my arms

she allows me to carry her heart.


My soul, your mystique,

my life, your love,

the beauty of passing time,

our energy real,



Sweet muse, sweet love,

in my soul I sing aloud,

I breathe freely,

my heart feels whole

knowing her.

Losing You

In the surreal sense of the human condition,

though we were little connected in physicality,

I hadn’t imagined the pain in my emotion,

I would feel when realizing this became insanity.


Shadowed by decades we do recall our delights

when memory raises expectations beyond the now,

we will always design such erotic nights,

or perhaps it is me while I raise your eyebrow.


I did for that brief moment reminisce sweet eyes

those touched my heart daily when then

I could pine over love never knowing just why

until again many distant songs later when


a voice would speak of love and ceremony,

a wisp of flattery, a toss of childhood romance

would remind my body beyond my infamy,

I could again love you if only by some chance.


Yet while I tease the reality of our lives

I want nothing more than your own peace

when in the beauty of time, love thrives

in the knowledge of persecuted release.


Fond are the eyes in the grace of her elegance,

I’ll imagine nostalgic caress is sweet chance.

I Would When


When my eyes hide behind soft shoulders

gripping you forever in a moment lost,

I wonder if when I wander beyond

your touch, my imagination, my mind

elsewhere, yet yearning your every taste,

I feel you upon me, grasping my inner soul.

Yet I’m away, I’m off, I’m with …

another chapter of our lives, perhaps

yet defined, probably most unkind

to the love — you caress my desire

in a manner I cannot deny.

Wonder with me so we can both

enjoy the ride, the ride, ride me.


*photo found on Tumblr

Ethereal Vacuum

It is a clear blue sky,

that energy asks forgiveness

treacherous waves of discontent

mellowed in a beautiful morning

where it is difficult to see pain.

No one can cry out loud

words warmed

notions in delicious sunlight.


Yet my confusion is real

I’d like to imagine it simple fantasy

though battles remain

caught in this vacuum of despair


not willing

resistant to change

wanting every aspect

all the same.


I sometimes when flying across the world

wonder about possibility

am I selfish, over-bearing, expectant

in a social stratus meant for spontaneity.

Then crossing the lane

I realize an envy exists

quite parallel to my own imagination.

I would like to create a sense of


rather than the fraught churn,

anxiety’s rush toward entitlement.


I would that we, her, I might better understand

rather than waiting and asking to hold her hand.

Let’s Cruise

a volvo afternoon

a volvo afternoon

While away the day with me,

we’ll create our own world together,

you and me,

on a sunny day in a midwestern haze,

Let’s take a drive and watch the world evolve

me and you

we wanted to imagine a world inside a castle

designs to take us away

we were cool

that day in the summer a breeze we felt

holding court letting fantasy tease our lives

I love you

in your eyes I could feel a desire, a special

lightning with every glance, and yet her world

became news

only to ourselves as we wandered through time

wishing this would be our cruiser beyond today

remember then,

dropping off our desire with a slow hopeful stroll

we could have left that day and never returned

you love me

I couldn’t know the desire we would some day

wonder about the what ifs of everyman’s wish

be still now

time’s remedy has allowed this memory to return

we left our nostalgic dreams in safe-keeping

can you hear me?