I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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No Longer Wishing To Pretend

There will be a soft tear,

the open door,

quiet my reality,

with her gone,

I’ve no longer a place

to be found,

I’ll only stand here,

while the world

goes on,

a steady beat,

a stolid frown.

Tiresome Medley

He could play these songs,

she would listen, laugh, lounge about,

t’were the latter in coincidence

could create pleasure in his eyes.


T’was her ability to cast a smile,

a knowing sort of ‘let’s dance’

kindly in her own quiet romance

he would rest his soul upon her gasp.


She might wish then to be understood,

oh he wanted to, oh so badly he

cried his eyes out over such indifference,

falling easily in the path of her affections.


She did manage the truth far easily

he chose a different path readily

aware the obstacles would merit,

simple reality, sweet its lost serenity.


Once in awhile he decides upon a wait,

well its compelling nature a subtle fate.

Skipping Titles

While fortune

speaks to the beauty

of an inherent

passion – the sorting

has begun,

the contemplation


the afterward,

is pensive

yet on sweet sunny days

will spring

in its blossomy


remind me


she is


While I Scatter My Reality

I will wish for peace,

a blue sky,

a suddenly radiant night

filled with the passion of love,

and inside that memory

will I hope for sweet recall

for a time during which

I do not belong,

though I did, we tried,

there was this


we will always call upon

to suggest

that time was ours,

we did love,

she is worth every aspect

of a man’s desire,

a passion,

that is her muse,


perhaps to belong in this

her new world

where love will certainly

allow sweet serenity,

take her beyond,

a quiet recall.

How I Destroyed Love

The fragile nature of knowing,

having insight,

the kind we like to deny,

that’s my world,

the crisp reality of burning flesh.


When scarred,

there is no matter of hope

the once brilliant scope

of passion, unbridled

desire in sweeping form


Is gone, felt in some waves,

occasional reminders,

a soft smile,

a similar glance,

quiet afternoon reflection.


All I can do is stave off

the tears that cry

my name,

the only name I can say aloud,

for the privacy of love remain.


I wonder how it became so crazy

that I can only answer riddles

in my own mind,

and they’re not nearly as satisfying

as a look in her eyes.


Only today, I realized


how easily I did

destroy love,

a quiet solace is my nightmare.

When The Sea Begins To Know

We can feel the drift, the silence moves granules of sand,

though every day seems the same,

the earth below our feet, naked in the heat,

has shifted its weight to give credence to another morning,

another beginning, a new settling,

a quiet recall of the night before.


Yet the sea is waiting,

and we are the ones that want to know,

but will never be told

only expected to undertake whatever resilience

suggests we wait.


I would wait for


to hold truth in my arms again,

yet today, I look to the water,

the edge of my life begins

when the last tide decides to waft inside

my mind,

a naked place,

where security no longer lingers,


it is as buoyant as a summer breeze,

carry me away,

carry my soul, my heart,


When Words Become Our Burden

I have this love,

I need to talk about it,

so for the listener,

it is a story heard long ago,

experienced like yesterday,

only memory is our recall,

when we all

know the essence of love,

confused within a

burden of words.


I wish sometimes,

when I see a sunrise,

I might wonder the beauty,

and let that be all my heart needs

to feel fulfilled,

and yet,

it continues to emanate its energy,

while I remained shuttered,

afraid to let the world inside,

see my tears, my sadness,

my lonely cry out for forgiveness.


It is so hard to understand

the end

when we think of all the love

we would share

together in each other’s arms

always knowing then,

there would be another time,

but, a halting word,

the damage is done,

my desires and passions

run beyond the fantasy

turned toward real,

and she needed then to run away.


I have a certain sadness in my heart,

I would like to enter the next


yet, the callous nature

of selfish pride

still outweighs

the reality of losing her.

For now it is the beauty in her eyes,

the timeless nature of

all we have meant to one another,

for now, in my tears,

I wait for those memories,

I want only to know elegance,

it is the fashion of her sweet wonder,

lets me wander away