I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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It Is That Soft Touch

When we do go there,

our miles of dialogue discerned,

eyes searching, want,

the sudden though balanced

shift from anxiety to desire,

when we do, when touch

becomes central.


I imagine silk scarves covering her nakedness,

everything else is normalcy,

yet silk,

slides so effortlessly,

fun to pull with fingers,

or teeth,

more pleasurable to imagine,

the arousal, her skin, come alive

knowing she is being

loved in a physical way.


Oh there is certain in anticipation,

a rosy set of –

untouched yet yearning,

he sees, she knows, he knows, she …

when a moment allows the wetness

envelops one,

a gasp,

save the other, though always balance,

until there is a certain languid

sensuality that slides his mouth along lines,

toward another part of her nakedness,

his mouth plays, tongue tease,

she does again,

gasp, as his mouth lowers,

his hands return silks,

the scarves,

to naked, peaked – ,

shout to the touch, while

now the center will be his aim.


Oh to spend time here,

with hands that find,

with lips that do taste,

a desire in her eyes, looking for his,

for he is on a watch,

to notice her upper lip

settle in quiver

as yes he does,

the circles begin,

the fingertips respond, explore, search,

a designed rhythm

whereby bodies are moving,

his anticipation grinds into a corner

of silk bedding, save for later.


For now it is the duty, desire of his tongue,

to find her arch, that involuntary sweep of

unbridled passion,

that wanton nature,

of finding her rhythm to reach …

ah, breathe sweet, spent, curls and lips

rest upon my shoulder,

I would then feel her hands,


begin again …

Chocolate and Sex

Eyes closed

I can taste you,

syrup runs my cheeks,

I will stay here and let my tongue

melt you

soothe my slow slide


so damn good

wrap my teeth around your center,

a sip of simple pleasure,

why not reach inside to find the fruit,

that piece, that pie, that nougat, that you,

gasp, lips wet

ready to chew, yet only gently,

just to peal the edge of your need,

waiting, wanting, whisper such a tease

that your body may react to the breeze.

I want you to melt me with your desire,

taste me, twirl me, my fingertips have now …

wet, explosive journey inside,

time for that sweet sensational

eye roll


swallow me, voracious now,

I will lick chocolate off your lips

while I kiss your beauty.

Hungry mouths anticipate

a longer sojourn of sweet pleasure.

Emotions Unwrapped

unbridled satisfaction,

a glow,

sweet smile


we all feel the same

let go

begin to climb

satisfaction is a driving force

that need

eloquent sensuality

when all else

disappears in the mist

of release –

we play together

If, When

it is a surreal notion to create a vision,

a woman in the throes of her own passion.

for we might certainly wonder if ever

such fantasy we’ve held onto forever.


It is svelte hands cupping her breasts,

while the end of a long day she rests

her eyes show growing desires enhance

that our imagination could wish chance


while lids are closed I would be nearby

my hands skilled caress and ask why

I am blessed to have your beauty near

while alone we together images appear..


a slow gliding draw of a fingertip

along an exposed breast to flip

a nipple with a chuckle in your smile

while you intrigue your lover’s guile.


in the fiery motions of your mind

you begin to know that this unwind

will thrust your needs as happens

the touch, lips gentle breeze opens


oh to dive my tongue deep inside

to allow your hips upon me ride,

to explore inside with my fingers

while your shuddering need lingers


oh to feel your mouth part with moan

while your mystique, a rhythm you own

will build further, go faster with need,

I’m inside with swift fashion to heed


only that which will draw your inner thighs

an unveiling of the ways you are so wise

to know how quickly you might bring

orgasm to the surface of your being.


I would then appear as you might know

while over here I may imagine your glow.

Televised Polish

blue haze illuminating a distance

scan to find sensuality,

a slide

a gasp

for now the cotton is dellightful


direct touch


a gasp

slide across or drop inside

wet fingertips


dull tinge of television flicker

legs spreading slowly,

fingers now inside,

the silk of panties

teasing back of her hand

nipple tests

take your pick,

match them up

with similarly piqued delight,

turn off tv

a gasp

wild abandon



Would You, Please

© michael vincent manalo

© michael vincent manalo


I stepped out of a refreshing shower

she is waiting

a bit thrown by her words

‘lay down for me please’

her hand reaches to drop the towel,

I’ve wound around cleansed waist,

my arousal is piqued as I slide onto

a freshly made bed

hot summer heat.

Her eyes direct me arms spread to corners

gently her hands move my ankles apart,

her smile is wet with a tongue ready,

“close your eyes’

I do in a moment of pure delight

breathless I feel her knees press into the bed,

her hands rest between my arms and chest,

skin touch while now a taste

only her tongue slow slides

I naturally rise into her mouth

and she caps my head with her lips

tongue still busy inside.

it is me now grasping the edges of my bed

my feet driving into the bed post

while she buries me inside her wet lips,

hands pull to my shaft, one cups me underneath

I am beside myself with abandon

I start to rock, she stops

pulls her mouth off of my cock,

‘lay still’ she says with a smile,

I close my eyes again with desire,

now for the finish it seems for her pace

purposeful, firm grasp and slide,

lips and tongue teasing and drawing all of me,

fast again, and fast I am blind,

as she sucks my life’s glow complete.

I lay naked on the bed, feel her get off the mattress,

‘open your eyes now’ she says from a distance

I do to find her naked in the doorway,

beautiful and woman in all of her elegance

“Happy Birthday” with a capricious smile

and disappears into the morning sunlight.


time for breakfast.

Wide Eyes


Seascape with deep shadows

while in the throes,

I remember the first time

you let my hands touch your world,

sweet leans into each other,

draw back with lips connecting,

while eyes waited, wanted, wished

upon the next touch,

the next driving desire to explore,

raise eyebrows, or open the seas,

I look for your longing expression,

when my fingertips find your inner thighs,

in that moment,

that short designed moment,

while my hands ask,

my eyes watch close to see if your desire,

beckons me further,

when in a slow delicious move,

my hand does reach,

widening your eyes.