I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

Posts tagged “memory

Waking Up Hushed

Morning always

eyes will open to more

in that early second

the remember,

the closure of a night sky,

when while listening

we sometime realize

we cannot answer any more.


We do wake though,

morning sunlight,

fresh emotion,

waking to the fond recall

a song on the radio

a time before,

and we do cherish

the instant reminder

of a love once were,



I will wake again,

she will come to mind,

this time, next time,

every day the sun rises

will the want

the desire,

the passion,

become my own quiet


‘nights in white satin’

lovely is fantasy,

always remain


Forest Breeze


May Flower

alone girl

I might imagine
find you,
wish for that moment
when in the quiet
she would
sit soft
fresh spring matting
remind me again
how much did we share
in the cool
setting is our earth
May flowers
bloom sorrows

Truth Is Love

music plays quiet reminder

body and soul does yearn

a want to feel presence

yet silent recall

is his only calculate device.


woke to a familiar scene

long thrown hair danced

upon his chest in rest

she stretched alongside

skin upon skin

white linen shroud.


he does hold on to the vision

the ‘nook’ a descriptor

she gave him with sweet smile

her lips upon his

passion unbridled

he does stir in his alone.


She is his truth.


Ice Cube Trails – Revisited

For in the quiet recall,

the words we did share,

sweet fantasy,

when the ice began melting

I did listen

smiled inside your eyes,

lived in a dream

the seductive nature of love

left in this our unbridled

short rendezvous

became love, was love, is, when can be,

always remains

a constant

will I depend upon

urgent solace

in the softest silence

while the world around me lives,

that part of us,


ice cube trails


will we forever wonder

in the peace of our own

found, feigned, decided upon


was it real.

Stepping Inside


There was a shelter nearby,

we sought it with smiles,

a little piece of hidden world,

we created,

we made it our own,

I leaned against an aging picket board fence,

still sturdy and willing,

the stucco exterior of the vacant home nearby,

we would later laugh and say to each other,

if only we might live

right here.


I kissed her in the sweet moonlight of a winter breeze,

hidden in our makeshift reality,

we held each close,

the intensity of our passion so longed for,

so forgotten by no one beyond ourselves.


There was laughter in our eyes that night,

sweet magic to taste the bloom of wanton lips,

we wanted, indeed,

we wished for more yet recognized

the night sky held other’s eyes,

those would be our albatross,

a sweet touch of skin upon each desire,

and a good-bye,

the one we had never quite imagined,

in our own independent way.


Stepping nearby,

stepping inside,

stepping away

sweet nigh …

Walls in Love

Begun in layers

see the world is focus

eyes aware

each brick a fixture

one might recall the reason why

its fit, sandy composition mixing

with scrape upon grainy matters

finding reason to form a bond.


The wall becomes a structure

symbolic separation

a finishing product is


dewy eyes make a choice

no longer will possibility prevail

once our composition

dries, seals, cements purpose.


The wall remains

lives will wonder.