I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Simple Truth

In this,

the quiet fantasy,

I do feel,

I want to,

I desire, I wish, I imagine,

it is

her lips,

I find do define


Sweet Seduction Seed

We would

if to imagine

grow a bountiful green

with desire’s energy.

Plant a seed

to know passion

will certainly have blossom,

will breathe the beauty of release.

When while our mind

compels fantasy toward time

our lives welcome the seduction,

that playful reminder rewind.

A swift garment slide surreal

precious an internal fire

will ignite all we recognize

to be climactic to the touch.

We are that readied force

of human nature in fruition

when lust intertwined create

explosive reality, soft serenade.

When now hearts

settle quiet

to utter



“such a pretty maiden sleep … ” -Puck, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

sweet summer of radiant fever her presence

form is an accentuate, a model is humanity,

curious glance condition a mind’s innocence

figurative is form, sinewy seductive reality.


gentle are shades in peace without intrusion

rose skin would any eye embellish in love

for a little while, could I please have a vision

sweet aloft dance the mind, in clouds above


I would stoop nearby, posture play purity

eyes cascade soft mountains, a sentry’s valley

would that indecision leave a mind lost sanity

insure this moment her elegance desire rally


stun my fantasy with sudden surreal release

escape talons of anxiety, cradle certain peace

My Eyes did Adore You

When I do recall

deep blue beautiful

I was too young to realize

the lovely seas of dreams you held

sweet hands that soft might

fancy my need.

I would rather return to your eyes

the wash of real I could breathe again.

If I might return to a moment

locked in gaze,

traveling toward your center

lips part just a gasp finds you,

if I could imagine eyes that might melt,

yours when touch allows,

simple sensuality,

now speaks to me, asks me further,

as inside my world you scramble,

our passions intermingle toward some foundation,

tonight the caress of a foyer wall,

I kick the door shut,

you chuckle with me in full grasp,

I want to play within your world yet my mouth yearns

to find the silk that tease sweet nipples,

I bite, you like, I bite, you gasp, I bite,

you hold on with swift motion makes me nearly collapse

in the notion of your desire.

The doorbell rings, damn, pizza is early again

Sliding Beyond Society

All of my world would become yours

if in an open doorway your silhouette

might suddenly suggest the next few hours

would be with me and a slow pirouette


We could dance a little while, you and me

with a setting sun nearby our glow became

a natural mingle a quiet celebration we

could experience in autumn rains we name


later on. When evening dusk beckons musk

of two souls sharing the animalistic sensuality

of humanity in throes that smooth material tusk

slide with me in our bargain beyond a society.


If when the magic of your eyes would smolder

then might my world become the shadowy wars

of a yearn, that sardonic wisp of Eve’s nature


– – all of my world would become yours.


Sweet Liberty

She would move in puzzles

the sort that might twist my mind,

sinewy legs, rambling arms,

her breasts alive in silks

meant only for my eyes

in a crowd of many,

yet my eyes would find hers,

search inside her world,

where her hips would move

my loins as the sweat would pour

our bodies in unison

moving on marble floors


we could do it right here,

if only for a society that

might allow sweet liberties,

the sort you write home about.


move with me please would

her shoulders plead my hands

her thigh inside my own legs

her hips gyrating to the blues.


I would watch her in a moonlit sky,

move through the breeze with a need

to only release a lovely energy

the sort that if offered may swoon.

we may dance inside each other’s

minds, passion filled, recreating

a seductive sojourn, her sensuality.


if only the dance floor became my reality.

Bored With Lust

I have become bored with lust,

well, that reciprocity thing is the cause

I suppose it was a matter of time,

before one more eye roll

while another shift in posture,

indeed, I imagine it was that glare,

caused me to suggest perhaps

aspirations were beginning to

falter in an exceedingly

pretentious sea of sardonic sanity.


I won’t make light of losing desire,

of withering toward an aging leaf,

crestfallen and snapping as life steps

firmly upon the soil of reality.


I’m simply bored with wanting when we wander

through life with constant parameters

explained attitudes,

suggestive glances,

delicious lips,

elegant strides

curvaceous smiles,

legs that would kill if given the chance …

‘hurt me please’


Yup, I’m a little tired of lust.