I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Love’s Whimsy


If We Might Imagine Real

When once we could

sense one another,

hold fast to each other,

feel our bodies intermingle,

my hands soft fall,

fingertips touch a naked arm,

shoulder to wrist,

I want you to feel my touch,

while yours,

touch my back,


pulling me close,

feeling my need rise

toward your own center,

we appeal to one another,

lips a sweet creation

a oneness,

while in passion’s grace

skin to skin

our lives

are within the realm

of why it is we wish to be,

and knowing such,

we do,

we will continue a journey

long before the reckoning,

we begin to search

each other’s desire,

a sensuality

found easily one inside

the realm within

a reach

Watching Love Unravel

He became insecure,

she wondered in her quiet manner,

he could weep,

while she might smile,

though to the onlooker,

hers was a genuine world,

his a facade

he’d hoped someday

never to be exposed.


She stood in the foreground,

a svelte elegance emanates

a being,

well coiffed in the universal

language of self appraisal,

and he would tip toe

through her world,

comforted by a compassion

he had known

neither in his immediacy

or the world he once relied upon.


She is the word he might suggest,

she pales to the compliment,

yet he insists,

she is the wonder of his

state of mind,

like a clock

she ticks his fancy

with every moment

his breath is allowed.


She is a mystique

long ago begun the mystery

of her wanderings,

he the lucky recipient

of unbridled passion,

he knew not when to

recognize the gift


the essence of her love.

Lost Days

So many days,

countless hours,

I would wait for her,

wishing, sort of hoping,

wondering if she knew

how much I would

want for the need of

wondering how she

felt that day, today,

every day in her world,

I wanted to know,

to imagine,

to see her elegance,

in its grace,

capture the eyes,

the hearts, minds,

the children’s laughter,

every hour

I wanted her to know

she does touch lives,

in a manner,

much like she did touch

my own,

my heart,

my tears,

my yearning for another

moment in her arms,

a touch,

a soft and predictable kiss,

toward a new journey.

Every day

I wanted her to know.


Tonight, I’m only asking,

as much as I know

the answer,

I’m wanting to know.

Anxiety’s Mastery

Its impact,

we want to understand,

yet we’re told,

this isn’t your confusion,

not fair,

nobody asked you,

there is a long pause,

and we discover we do want to be there.


She didn’t smile,

wouldn’t let me touch her,

I laid on my back,

the clouds drifted in between

each other,

like they were mocking

my own quiet confusion.


I looked up to find her

arms pulled around legs,

head down,

she wouldn’t cry,

she said it didn’t matter,

I could feel the mix of freedom

and quiet resignation,

all part of a storm.


I reached out to hold her,

this time she said no,

but, I thought,

she didn’t walk away.


The drive was meant to feel like forever,

a calm swift ride,

lush forests and city folk,

the normalcy of our shadows,

we were quiet alone,

in each other’s arms,

in memory.


She asked me then

‘what’s wrong?’

all I could do was cry,

my anxiety,

I was falling off the edge,

when she reached out to touch me,

I felt a calm.


Where do we go to find the calm.

What Cannot Be Designed

An answer, when the silence looms,

we cannot determine an outcome,

though we might easily …

It is surely a known tension to become

our central focus,

when we are unable to find

any solution to the question in our mind.


I can only wish, she might hear me,

know I can listen to her need,

know it is beyond my reach,

and that is really alright with me.

I understand,

‘I just can’t’

or perhaps it is as easy as,

‘need this time’

rather than be responsible for the anxiety

might be reached,

when decidedly the silence seems necessary.


Last night, I held your hand,

and in that quiet moment, just the peace,

of touch,

of a silent love that shared we frustrate

our reality to such levels,

there is a depth of pain no anxiety might ever release.


So I do return to that touch,

the glance,

eyes that suggest compassion,

a smile and holding your need next to my own,

and it is there I remain,

always here.

Oh to Prescribe Time

Dali - The Persistence of Memory

Oh to know this is the right,


this moment,

it is in this amount of gathered energy,

to forecast the right morning,

the perfect afternoon,

a blissful evening,


and then to add … more time


When we plan our lives around

a certain favor, a pleasing introduction,

a realized shared opportunity to


when we might understand,

this was meant to happen just this way,

no one might answer any of the reasoning why,

we just did,

we could,

we knew without wondering we would.


and then to add … more time


Now chapters along in the journey,

we might begin to recognize stirrings,

perhaps our lives are in different,

parallels, or regions we sometimes cannot predict,

yet in our mind,

we visualize time,

we know we are always there,

always here,

if we can only find the right


the moment suggests,

we have designed our lives.


and then to add … more time


if we continue to try,

we might find we have lost

a thread,

only that quiet unravel,

takes such little time …


print – Salvador Dali – The Persistence of Memory