I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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I Have These Tears

They are my own,

not meant to lure,

or cause pain,

when happiness is deserved.


I have these tears,

my body feels a release

wants to let go,

to allow her freedom.


I’m on this edge

that when walking alone

found my heart

waiting …


I have these tears,

they’re my worst fears.

Whisper Soft This Pain

Cannot the sky speak to a stranger’s cry,

the midnight eery,

the lasting response of nature,

lost inside an abyss

of silent reality, this pain.


Oh to understand the fix,

the gentle reminder of how love

seems always the curse,

the piece that will upset

with all hers, his, there is no peace.


Yet while the world remains

two hearts will tear in unison,

no longer the smile,

less the patience has drifted beyond,

a calling of favor.


We are the reason love does cause pain.

While Missing The Nook


This place,

she once described,

brought a certain pleasure

to my state of mind.


Us together,

holding one another,

protective of our fears,

able to see the beauty.


I held you close

like the lyrics

of a favorite ballad,

a perfect fit to a state of mind.


And then recently,

she told me the remembrance,

this memory I hold,

would forever minimize my meaning.


I wish for that ‘nook’

that moment I want back,

want to hold you,

feel your breathing,


long before the gasp …

This Quiet

When only the silent

reality of a crossroad appears

we wait, glance, wait,

there is no motion,

the trees, leaves of spring,

everything remains still,

like a painting

we might see in a Night Gallery

episodic fame,

we wait, glance, wait,

a realization occurs,

walk away knowing it is right,

a silent path,

more memory,

she is here, I can feel her mystique,

I always will,

a breeze begins to pick up,

fluttering leaves,

a scent of springtime,

now the walk is near that clearing,

remember when,

in the distance there is the silent

chugging of a train.

Starting Now

I haven’t the clue,

the wrap around my heart?

my day begins and does cease

before the break of dawn.


I don’t know how to start my day

if even to hear her say?

‘we are ok,’

is no longer a part …

forever removed

beyond the early crisp horizon

of who we are,

might have been.


I don’t know how to stay.

This Desperation (Anna’s Theme)

There is this haunting reality,

always speaks,

when needing a listen,

can generate remarkable feelings,

those we wish to know

only in the quiet of our own


When silence turns toward forever,

the waiting is a song of


a parting of ways,

a reminder,

this day

will now begin a string

of new reality.


Though the heart feels wrenched

by society in its innocuous rule minding


where one loves,

we might always find solace

in knowing

one did adventure toward

the beauty of her quiet promise,

the beauty of her,

the spiritual nature of

knowing once,


I stand before a world of smiles and forgotten dreams,

they all adjust,

move forward,

beyond the sacred response

to losing time,

our time,

the time of our …

first reckonings,

begin to fade with the anxiety

left behind to dissuade,

the feelers,

the realistic lover.

When Love Matters Beyond Need

A hurting soul,

one fully aware,

there is a cosmic energy

takes over beyond the real

when two lives cross avenue

to begin a trail

of flowered symphony,

of delight in passion,

when skies above

are always blue with

cascading  cymbals

orchestrated by the mind’s eye.


I am in that place

where only tears remain,

where confusion

overlays the reality of my dreams.

She is my harmony,

her mystique and empathy,

her brilliant capture of my psyche,

she does offer the muse

of my need to recognize

the value of a life.


Yet, burdens they may be,

a time is not forgotten,

only built upon to satisfy a tear,

to know this is


we did understand

just love