I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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May Flower

alone girl

I might imagine
find you,
wish for that moment
when in the quiet
she would
sit soft
fresh spring matting
remind me again
how much did we share
in the cool
setting is our earth
May flowers
bloom sorrows

I Took A Drive Today

Remember how it was meant to be soothing,

well, today,

it was – as alone as I might be,

I thought about everything,

all the words, the actions, the  eyes

all with me, as I traversed the country,

cars flying by with lives I didn’t know,

much like our own when we


now today,

I’m here wondering

how long this new drive will last,

or is it a common notion

to imagine this ought to begin to

feel like my new routine …

even though she still is in my thoughts,

the countryside is so remarkable in its

quiet nuance, I mean,

mindful … romance

I Do Stand

Oh I might falter,


with time,

the experience of a spring sunrise,

I will, can, I believe

love is,

will be,

and howsoever gently

we might find an eventual

sweet space of a hand,

reaching out

to hold onto our greatest fear.

That will be a good day,

a place to stand, like today.

The Upset Manage

Not as much is the mind in turmoil

as rather

a deep sadness

rather profound

accentuate gray skies

inside a soft morning trace

winter is a cold and barren


when found asked to cope

within the scope of moral



Perhaps an occasion

arise when confusion

does turn


one might wish to suggest

our lives have variables

we ought not diminish

I will today

never let go of this love

in her arms

in soft touch of lips

in breathe, sensuality’s Gasp,

may her heart rest

knowing expression

has been this journey

in bliss.

Skipping Titles

While fortune

speaks to the beauty

of an inherent

passion – the sorting

has begun,

the contemplation


the afterward,

is pensive

yet on sweet sunny days

will spring

in its blossomy


remind me


she is


While I Scatter My Reality

I will wish for peace,

a blue sky,

a suddenly radiant night

filled with the passion of love,

and inside that memory

will I hope for sweet recall

for a time during which

I do not belong,

though I did, we tried,

there was this


we will always call upon

to suggest

that time was ours,

we did love,

she is worth every aspect

of a man’s desire,

a passion,

that is her muse,


perhaps to belong in this

her new world

where love will certainly

allow sweet serenity,

take her beyond,

a quiet recall.

Her Silence

Be strong and let freedom fly,

a dove in a mourning sky

would suggest there upon beauty

lay a man’s heart in sweet futility


I asked her forgiveness wondering

just what it might be I am missing,

her silence more powerful than a night

falling star upon a chanced glance slight.


I wondered about love, she’d ask me then,

I spoke of time being forever, I would be when

time would allow our lives to be together

I knew in my heart I would awaken for her.


I would to myself know love is real,

I held her in my arms, I would feel

there is beauty in her elegance

there is nothing left at all to chance


I do love her I have, and always will

Wander my nights, until my days, will still