I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Lost Sight

Hope, desire

the notion of passion steps away

when in quiet

nostalgic dream

turn to slow fade

this now what is, was real,

is only a welcome fantasy

holds a bittersweet



suggestive reality,

one I didn’t choose,

yet will only live.

No promise,

soft is beauty

just out of reach.

Kindness matters far too much

than a practice

that which only confusion


Be elegant sweet Zelda.

In Times Like These

I want to forget everything I know,

I want to be a robot,

no feelings, no memory,

simple mechanics are a luxury.


In times like these

I want to cry,

for the pools of memory,

might help me remember why.


I want to imagine I’m not here,

for then the guilt I feel,

the shame, the indecision,

everything would go away.


But I don’t want to go away,

I cannot ever forget the beauty,

elegance and sensuality that life

became in the arms of … you.


Letting Go

always a promise

summer of love and fortune

much ado amiss

While You Were Sleeping

I took pause,

leaned into your figure,

wrapped my fingers around loose strands of your hair,

let them fall on my chest,

your legs intertwined with my own,

covered in a single sheet,


draping our lives,

I took my hand and felt for the small of your back,

just above your buttocks,

I ran my fingertip up your spine,

until finding a place to lay my palm,

pressing my hand gently, and then with both hands

I now spread my fingertips,

so I could envelop your shoulders,

soft, naked, resting flesh,

safe in my hands,

I watched you,

sleep in peace,

I took pause.


I return here often

when I cannot have you

laying next to me,

only a memory,

the sweet breath of your gasp,

the easy rolling melody of your settling

into my own world,

it was you and me,

it was you,

and this was a me,

I had not known existed anymore,

yet now,

while I watched your body move in the linen,

when my fingertips aroused your recall,

it was there I knew,

this was a certain elegance,

that we had known,

we knew,

we found,

we began and we did rest,

and I would pause,

while a tear

would suddenly appear in the corner of my eye,

I was awake

to watch your beauty

your sleep,

a peace …


I could touch,


Quiet Recall

In the silence of a quiet recall,

would I close my eyes

know her smile, her gasp,

the lean of weight upon on foot,

we see elegance in her every glance.

Would I that she were more

than now a dream,

less imagination and far likely

to shelter my scream

when found abandoned

inside the reality of our lives.

It is then when

I gesture toward a reality,

to always wish her presence

be my internal guide.

For This Kiss, I Would

Wait until the end of a storm, to know,

when gray disappears, I could find you,

for that is my blue,

my wonder,

that is my intrigue asking to be found.


For it is this kiss, I might hesitate,

wanton desire,

yet in this moment,

I leave my passion suspended,

for it is in your heart I want

only peace,

and there, by the moonlight,

standing on a bridge,


it is where you will find my soul.


Tonight, in the breeze,

a chill of reality plays our soft tell,


stand with me, hold me, see me,

know that I would walk the hours

to have your heart

share my love for you.


For it is that intrigue,

so might we imagine,

so wrapped in words of

a timeless tradition …


for while I glance the sky,

I’m at peace realizing I never will,

I’ll always be satisfied,

knowing I don’t know why

Simple Freedom

When knowing her freedom

is resolute in quiet integrity

is definable in spontaneity

is wonderful to allow natural sigh

is forever intertwined in truth.


Though while allowance gave peace

he did respond to certainty

he would revel in her elegance

he might also known the truth, real,

is assurance human condition feels.


While life has simple turns and memory

his complication her beauty

the mystique when touch her cheek,

his lips, back of fingertip,

when eyes wet rest upon her soul ,,,


Will whisper now freedoms in simple love