I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Alone In The Quiet of an Afternoon

When the rains began to fall,

I wondered,

did she,

was she at all curious,

did she know

I would be right here,


where it is I always want to be,

this place, one night,

the first time,

a kiss,

quiet afterward,

when her eyes opened

to see him standing there,

laying next to her,

cradling every aspect of whom she might be,

in the moment,

in the quiet of a



A Valium Haze

Easier this way,

a silent low

wishful in some secondary manner

allows the primary

to forget just where reality belongs.


Oh to have that passage,

the one where

all worry, concern or reason

would suddenly matter

not at all.


Too far beyond the norm

to have to wonder

any more

if there were reason to ever want

to belong with …


She is the beauty in his mind,

as the haze will eventually,

leave no remind

beyond the initial recall

fade to black.




In My World

The stars do come alive

stretch across the horizon,

I lay back to imagine

she might wish the same

upon a streaming light

our eyes could feel the night.


We are miles and themes away

that close sense a fantasy

perhaps suffice to know the real

yet in this space a yearn

find the universal center

that place where we together breathe.


It is true we do believe

in a righteous state of mind,

a heartfelt memory holds grace

while worlds away we join the race.

In the quiet bliss eyes do find

love toward we both rewind.


Oh to know the stars do carry a soul

will cross inside our world of dreams.

In Moonlit Trials

Consider shadows in stealth street lit form,

their evident stance, posture, motion seen

we are all habitual,

all players in a scheme.

The physical traits of our realities easily found

on a calm summer night, an evening walk.


Yet it is the surreal nature of a moonlit stroll,

that place in our dreams offers a mystique

whereby candlelights and cobblestone combine,

the breeze is always like an autumn rain,

the shadows belong to the romantics

who decide their lives are better in natural light.


There is this wood I remember,

not too distant from the city lights,

yet enough to allow starlit magic

to be a guide,

when love decide,

two hearts will travel inside their dream.


I wish to be there with you now,

holding you,

forever never letting go,

so that when tears would rain,

my eyes would yours compel,

and we would our own shadows know.



Finding Beauty





I choose the highlands

that reach toward the sky,

I live to know the heights

where my soul might linger

in a sweet peace of this world,

where it is I am in destiny,

the travels of my mind.

I know so little of what is time,

can only wish and dream perhaps

there might be a delight in line

for all of our heart felt agony.

I wonder often of failure

how the remark contains me

if it were just only a test

a limitless horizon of humanity

would it be so powerful then

once I might understand pathways.


I was once a child of a decade

where screen doors and trails,

soft breeze and playful friends

hot summers and weekend skis

the wisp of romance quite vivid

in the eyes of an older sib.

I remember then when life

could be as transparent as

the picture window in my home.


What happened to muddy the glass,

where is when I did suddenly

come to terms with losing idyllic

prayer and spiritual guidance?

How did I get to be so critical

of simply my own sacred humanity?

Why is it when I wake in the morning sun

my dreams become a starker reality,

a place where hope and beauty

always measured, isn’t a natural

course of my day’s mechanics?


I was watching you one evening

the music pounding my ears,

my body writhing to the rhythm,

yet you miles away in the heights

celebrating love, exploding sensuality

if I could lift my heart to you

like the potion driven magic

of my favorite never found chemist,

might I then find my peak,

while settling into ethereal arms

of passion and grace, would I with a smile

glance upon that valley of my dreams.


*photo credit – allen parseghian

Let’s Cruise

a volvo afternoon

a volvo afternoon

While away the day with me,

we’ll create our own world together,

you and me,

on a sunny day in a midwestern haze,

Let’s take a drive and watch the world evolve

me and you

we wanted to imagine a world inside a castle

designs to take us away

we were cool

that day in the summer a breeze we felt

holding court letting fantasy tease our lives

I love you

in your eyes I could feel a desire, a special

lightning with every glance, and yet her world

became news

only to ourselves as we wandered through time

wishing this would be our cruiser beyond today

remember then,

dropping off our desire with a slow hopeful stroll

we could have left that day and never returned

you love me

I couldn’t know the desire we would some day

wonder about the what ifs of everyman’s wish

be still now

time’s remedy has allowed this memory to return

we left our nostalgic dreams in safe-keeping

can you hear me?

Dreams Defined

The notion he is gone, with her,

she’s gone,


I talk of future moves,


he is gone,

no longer the security



I awaken with her nearby

sleeping, nearby,

I touch her shoulder, she gasps,

she’s nearby,

not gone,

not making decisions away,


I reach,

more gasp,

bury my mouth inside her legs,

tongue her beauty,

she is here moaning,

I can feel her build,

I’m hard,

waiting …


I never do understand just why she left,

everything is a blur,

ice rink with easy grasp,

cousin sitting by my side,

I realize I won’t

see my son the same way,

only one sun today.


I continue drawing circles around your clit with my tongue,

my fingers are inside of you,

I have advanced slowly, sort of

edging you …


whenever I realize I cannot understand just why,

new apartment,

no phone calls,

no contact,

and then when I awaken, I find myself chuckling,

I’ve been inside you the entire time.

sweet gasp.