I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Weak In The Knees

I did once

know the rules,

and yet,

while this gradual change

asked for

time, for patience,

for understanding,

I can’t help wonder,

still …

weak in the knees.

Into Moonlight

These moments,

when I suddenly feel the urgency,

I’m going to risk it all,

I’m wanting to bring you with me,

for that second my inspiration will say,


I will want you,

in the fleeting aspiration

of a hot summer night,

I’ll sacrifice everything to hold you in my arms,

to feel your skin touch my own, under the moon.

This Time

There was this time,

I wanted her,

she looked my way,

I imagined how we might,

find our way,

I glanced,

a stretch would indicate a desire,

or perhaps only  a need for comfort

beyond the alluring eyes of

a man.

For that is my design,

I am that set of eyes,

lustful and wanting,

wishing somehow she might

acknowledge or rather …



For a smile is always a lovely occasion.

May Enticement Speak

1AA2FF66-6624-47F3-81EE-367D329341CBOh to hold sweet passion at bay,

simple leisure of a swift hand,

in the balance of discretion,

my how the gift of her mystique

would draw a man to his knees,

would she then be the pretend,

the vehicle toward quiet a blaze

his mind in a toss of impulse

her body that temple travel light

to find each region, to know gasp

he might spend a lifetime if only

to begin, hers is a sojourn of pleasure

a delicious matter of sensuality.

Swift is the heated caress of her tease,

His, the leisure she eyes, silent allowance.

Love Now

love now

For now I wish an eternity
might include
her spiritual ancestry
so we two
would know
the stars we do so
observe in distant horizon
contain the same
we know exist
in one another’s arms

for now
I am alone
seeking an enchantment
only her sweet demeanor
will provide

for now
I am only in love
lonely in love
I’m in love
in a quiet solace

All The Delicious People

We are all delicious,

really, think about it,

in the moment,

the beauty of our grace,

the being,

our hearts have passion,

we feel, we design, we imagine,

and together,

we might all know the surreal nature

found inside the fantasy of our mind.

Stepping Inside


There was a shelter nearby,

we sought it with smiles,

a little piece of hidden world,

we created,

we made it our own,

I leaned against an aging picket board fence,

still sturdy and willing,

the stucco exterior of the vacant home nearby,

we would later laugh and say to each other,

if only we might live

right here.


I kissed her in the sweet moonlight of a winter breeze,

hidden in our makeshift reality,

we held each close,

the intensity of our passion so longed for,

so forgotten by no one beyond ourselves.


There was laughter in our eyes that night,

sweet magic to taste the bloom of wanton lips,

we wanted, indeed,

we wished for more yet recognized

the night sky held other’s eyes,

those would be our albatross,

a sweet touch of skin upon each desire,

and a good-bye,

the one we had never quite imagined,

in our own independent way.


Stepping nearby,

stepping inside,

stepping away

sweet nigh …