I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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On The Topic of Parks

I once knew a woman,

or perhaps she …

I sang a familiar lyric,

while she may walk with me,

in the sunlight,

under the summer leaves,

of our favorite park,

perhaps a trail filled with memory.


I remember feeling a security,

in having her hands touch me,

walk along my shoulders,

trace my chest, soft, precise,

she could light up a path,

that miles ahead,

would carry the same energy,

that with her in hand,

let me thrive,

allowed my body to come

to live in this lovely dimension.


I always felt at peace,

a certain delight,

a remarkable blessing

to have her,

to have you by my side,

having a walk

in the park.


In my eyes,

you were special.

Certain Beauty in Repose

Might words draw an artwork around her beauty,

She beget that fair that will cause eye sudden stir.

A man’s glance to ask for sunlight in a stream

Would accentuate sensuality ease frivolity.

Oh then we do wonder what words exist in her,

When in watch, she will heads turn it seem.

A walk would give light to her every step

As perhaps imagine linens do tease inside

A world of private affair, only meant for one.

In that integrity of Grace, we might worship

A sinewy storm of her surreal glance aside

A measured smile, a breeze in privacy undone.

We would that opportunity survey elegance

With eye alive, I do delight we share a glance.


With Whispers We Sing

In the quiet, a sexy shade of sensuality,

I would move to feel, to grace your skin,

gather near to offer me your beauty,

a gasp, a smile, eyes that yearn,

it is this memory, when with you I yearn.


I remember the slow rhythm of finding lips,

our nuzzle, slow and deliberate, knowing

we can be here forever before we even begin.

While time a continuum outside our private world,

we will create a delicious passion together.


Do you know how often I revisit the secrecy,

the lust, the rhythmic reach to find your eyes,

to know the casting shadows tell the tale,

a writhing, your center, an open journey

whereby all sound will fall within now dreams.


Oh to now hold the moment when an utterance,

means come along with me, my pleasure is yours.

When My Eyes Open

It’s when I realize,

there is a sunlight outside,

streaming in my windows,

engages me, lights up the room,

yet, in that moment alone,

becomes a quiet reminder;

I muse sensory sensuality,

the intensity of …


Just Real

It is when suddenly the air feels right,

a moment seems that clarity

we wonder how we got to this place

how it is that another occasion

seems so distant, far away, remote

yet so delicious in its spontaneity.

It is real

when I imagine you in every aspect

that surprise of immediacy in

sweet sensuality.

It is remarkable the tale of the human condition,

when agenda tossed away and simple harmony

begins the newer travel of today’s irony.

it is real.

she is, he is, we cannot deny beyond the model pose

the delightful nuance of humanity

taking chance, a liberty with knowing

our ‘me’ drawn need to recognize who we are today

beyond yesterday’s anxiety

gives allowance to beauty.

That elegance, it is


Snow Falling

Watching a fresh snow, I’m reminded,

a crisp winter night, we laughed

gathered sweet, warm swaths of snow,

tossed blindly our lives we didn’t know.


What recalls a youthful delight

can shadow forever another light

upon dreams we created, notions lost,

while we experience the coming frost.


I’m noting lives gather to celebrate

a memory over a hot cup, I relate

family gatherings, like piano keys,

trying to tap into the winter’s freeze.


I wonder sometimes if you might remember

when laughter pulled us through December,

when then next day’s anxiety tossed aside

a celebratory love to suddenly take slide.


Life covers a soul with a peace, not a shallow

victory when we remember what may follow.

Our beauty can recall a moment when a song

might validate, may suggest it is here we belong.


‘Snow falling gradual’, a line I might steal to suggest

this moment invites spiritual reckoning our guest


‘Snow falling gradual’ -borrowed from James Joyce’s The Dead

I’ll Wait

I’ll imagine every damp crease in your eyes,

I’ll wait for you to let me nearby

a visual is beauty while in a silent cry

we might always need to believe the why


I’ll play with the scent of slender arms

when while we kiss, a silent alarm

explodes in my brain arousal is warm

touch me please where there is no harm.


I’ll swoon to know your grace in elegance

we might soon together have our dance

I wanted you to love me with a simple glance

your lonely tease would give me a chance


I’ll wait until the moment we create our foray

such storms of harmony take our breath away