I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Sensual Shroud

There is a privacy,

in knowing,

a certain delicious manner,

we know,

when in our quiet moment,

our eyes do glaze in realizing passion,

in recreating a pleasure,

a certain abundant nature of reaching.


We do reach when we are together,

gives me her center,

I would search forever,

to find a way to bring delicious pleasure,

to a moment when eyes closed,

the world drifts in private assurances.


Yes, let’s take chances,

so that your lips will find mine,

eyes tear in unison,

we do know …

oh to understand there is more,

always the year remains,

to touch, feel, breathe, to count upon,

having your heart in my hands,

to each, we seek in privacy,

the elegance of soul.

Paints In Bronze

I am that perfect hue,

the color of my identity,

present to you,

a special amber, a source

of unique delight in view.

I am like a queen in the desert,

a vantage point of seduction,

I appear in the night,

with clear mind of delight,

my skin, is a journey

of delicious yearning.

Would you if I grace your eyes,

believe it to be more simply wise

to understand as a vulnerable lamb

inside this woman this elegance I am


*photo by Kevon Richardson

The Artful Touch


                   T Monticello – photography


If I might

while the world


travel elsewhere today

with soft flowers sweet nectar

blossom silent before our own

quiet eyes


In the evening’s haze

we see shadows, create notion,

yet blinding silence

suddenly awakens as I could imagine


sweep of satin skin in surreal


I would want what it is you provide

such pleasure

with slow guide even fingertips

have always eventual purpose


to see eyes roll,

taut expression from pleasing blush

toward a rampant acceleration of need

abandon all knowledge of restraint

to reach, to strain, to beautify



*photograph by TMonticello


A Sample Taste

I was thinking, while the silk played my shoulders,

how I do love the curve of your lips,

when your smirk buries lust beyond my eyes.

You wrap me well,

sliding the band with gentle fingertips,

lifting me like a precious glass,

tying me off taut, dropping strands along naked arms

until I feel you, lips,

trace my neck move to my chest,

naked legs sensually slide my own apart while fingertips

tease my abdomen please,

stay here for some while, the feeling superb,

I don’t even know if I am actually erect,

your pulse on my body is a lovely command.

My wait affirmed as without reach or posture

lips encompass me with sweet result I nearly leap off my back,

yet your hands push me now, running my shoulders like a machine,

mouth, drawn, wet, tongue finding room and slide,

I am hard in your grip now, lost in a flurry of

whatever it is you do to me,

I cannot describe,

except that faint smile in my mind, as your body directs me

wherever you delight in causing gasp.

Soon I feel the cup of your fingers underneath me,

holding me with desire,

I wonder where the rest of you is landing while your mouth

plays me like the candlelight of a waxy moon.

Then it happens – I taste you, as your descent

lets me relish the beauty of you finally taking the time,

to sit.

Swan Pose

Open for you – you say!

you nasty mischievous gentle-man

ask too much of me you say,

oh to understand the waves of magic-man

if I part for you just a moment

to a glance might you smile or remain pensive

for that I want to know,

is it true you love to dance,

or are you wanting just to make me feel romance.

Oh, if I do wave my arms to act the swan,

will you allow me to gasp when underneath

the water’s edge

you will swoon –  you know you can reach inside.


Oh will he, I want him too,

I want him to, I wish him to know,

how wet I will be again,

after waking from this dream today.


*photo found on tumblr

Invisible Eyes

Would I be splayed upon your steps

yet invisible as

the cutting concrete

scathes my skin

Might I pour myself

with willing wild


an exposure of

such internal fires.

I am naked before you always

in my visual need to have your

hands caress my skin

-unveil me-

settle me in a certain

state of unbridled passion

I would if you might

come out from behind the door

take me in your arms

let all of our fears

envelop my tears

while sheltered inside …

your eyes



Artist: Robert Farber

Model: Elena Levon

After Many First Times


We asked and we told,

we laughed and then decided in our own minds,

we laughed and we wanted one another,

we knew we could, and yet already, you knew,

there would be that place that I would never know.

I hadn’t saved that place, yet would find out later.

We knew our first times,

the when the where the why

the cry that no one else would ever hear

We knew with each other

we were going to make the world stop if only for a moment,

I unbutton your blouse

feel my jeans being taken apart

tongues working with a fever searching in a manner

never felt before but delicious,

occasional flaring eyes,

blouse is off and jeans gone, skirt slides so simply

mouths and lips remain together forever,

in the privacy of our own world,

I am erect and shapely while I delight in the beauty of you,

laying below me I pull my lips away to taste each nipple,

slowly in such a manner that only I can think pleases you,

I wonder if it might, so I keep searching your eyes

whenever closing I am imagining pleasure is hopeful,

your hands guide me, tease, my head is swirling,

wanting to have you, wishing you would take me,

wondering how long you will play with my head,

and then,

you were my first time,

love is real.