I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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It Is That Soft Touch

When we do go there,

our miles of dialogue discerned,

eyes searching, want,

the sudden though balanced

shift from anxiety to desire,

when we do, when touch

becomes central.


I imagine silk scarves covering her nakedness,

everything else is normalcy,

yet silk,

slides so effortlessly,

fun to pull with fingers,

or teeth,

more pleasurable to imagine,

the arousal, her skin, come alive

knowing she is being

loved in a physical way.


Oh there is certain in anticipation,

a rosy set of –

untouched yet yearning,

he sees, she knows, he knows, she …

when a moment allows the wetness

envelops one,

a gasp,

save the other, though always balance,

until there is a certain languid

sensuality that slides his mouth along lines,

toward another part of her nakedness,

his mouth plays, tongue tease,

she does again,

gasp, as his mouth lowers,

his hands return silks,

the scarves,

to naked, peaked – ,

shout to the touch, while

now the center will be his aim.


Oh to spend time here,

with hands that find,

with lips that do taste,

a desire in her eyes, looking for his,

for he is on a watch,

to notice her upper lip

settle in quiver

as yes he does,

the circles begin,

the fingertips respond, explore, search,

a designed rhythm

whereby bodies are moving,

his anticipation grinds into a corner

of silk bedding, save for later.


For now it is the duty, desire of his tongue,

to find her arch, that involuntary sweep of

unbridled passion,

that wanton nature,

of finding her rhythm to reach …

ah, breathe sweet, spent, curls and lips

rest upon my shoulder,

I would then feel her hands,


begin again …

Shoulder Sense

It is when a kiss,

ever soft, a familiar touch,

a loosened garment, exposure,

where my lips rest,

teeth gently arouse,

to a gasp, to a soft hand pulling me,


now she is alive with passion,

a desire, that will move me to her lips,

while my fingertips trace the wet

reality of a naked shoulder,

that place I will return to again and again,

while hands roam,

legs intertwine, a naked thigh feels a certain desire,

a slide, a soft sinewy grasp …

her eyes smile as my lips envelop one, gentle bite,

a second, a moan now suggests my hands are free to go,

to seek, to find, to slow …

wander inside her world, lips part,

she is in search of my madness, awaiting her direction,

we do wind our souls upon one another,

a fever pitch, while she guides me,

I will watch her eyes while the moment stills,

a kiss, a passionate yearn,

my mouth wet with desire,

returns …

naked shoulder.


One In The Morning

Just thoughts

to wake with you nearby,

feel your skin

engage me to move

your gasp

touch, naked shoulder tease,

draw circle while more skin embrace,

your gasp,

dive naked knee between your world

while hand slides past arm to touch grace,

your moans push back,

feel me rise inside naked buttocks,

when rest becomes our own private journey

lips now trace the back of your neck,

and I will feel the creamy center of woman

upon my thigh as I drive further my rhythm,

cupping you in my hands,

I rise upon you with slide

moving bodies in unison to find ready

legs respond to body mass in whispered release,

I do want to so enter you now,

yet for the time just the cadence of your moans,

I desire this tease,

when now I do feel your hands reach behind you,

guide me with swift pull and natural oils urgency,

one in the morning,

so many ours



Swan Pose

Open for you – you say!

you nasty mischievous gentle-man

ask too much of me you say,

oh to understand the waves of magic-man

if I part for you just a moment

to a glance might you smile or remain pensive

for that I want to know,

is it true you love to dance,

or are you wanting just to make me feel romance.

Oh, if I do wave my arms to act the swan,

will you allow me to gasp when underneath

the water’s edge

you will swoon –  you know you can reach inside.


Oh will he, I want him too,

I want him to, I wish him to know,

how wet I will be again,

after waking from this dream today.


*photo found on tumblr

Lovely Eyes

When in the throe of lovemaking,

I might grip your shoulders,

slide hot thighs in rhythm,

taste your beauty as my mouth search

begins to find a naked nipple,

a gasp, my hand threads your hair,

your arch in your back offers

a swift massage as now I do

in motion, in patterned thrust,

feel wet as my legs find you

grinding, readying, while

mouths find each other

rolling together,

feeling each other’s want,

a sweet grasp,

feverish tease of your breasts,

damp skin flowing,

elbows placed,

hips reaching while as we guide

ourselves together,

tongues voracious inside each other,

one move, eyes lock

we will ride this storm together.

While Wandering

I wander about physical beauty,

what is attraction,

for when I notice a nude,

I’m aroused,

when suddenly fabric caresses a nipple,

I am wanton,

I observe with precision,

the bend, an accentuated posture

delicious her derriere.


I wander about a virtual mystique

curious to know

that which may be fantasy,

sleek lines draw eyes

how might my reality

acknowledge the lovely tease

of naked shoulders, slender thighs

pique my imagination

draw the afternoon’s taste

of freedom, of passion, of quiet release


Would I while drawing lips, inner thigh

become less resistant when pleasure

speaks in gasps along sinewy lines of passion.

Well versed she is in seduction,

only by need, rather than demand.

while searching for that manner

moves her lips upon mine,

I will grasp what feels right,

an internal fire where time may wander.







tongue, teeth,

rest upon pursed


move forward

a slight





first touch,

gasp of pleasure,

the crown,

a flick,

a rise,

a spread of legs,

tongue tease

fingertips pull fabric

tucked inside,

ready to explode,

lips purse,


wet fabric,


fingertips pull band to reveal


hard pulse,

lips release a tongue

follows a beating shaft,

lips, pursed, head,

slow suck sweet,

crown disappears

while tongue inside plays,

lips, wet, smooth, tight,

cocked head,

breathe …

I do