I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Love In Ache


In the early
Stretch of visual
Slow fade into now
Pleasantries focal point
Lies among the soul
In time heart may heal
Yet for this
Collection of hour
An ache does remain
Toward recognizable
Patterns sweet

photo – Pinterest

When Words Interfere

I fell in love, with her,

she told me one day how my words

might draw her to my side,

and I thought to myself,

well for sure,

that was always what I wanted her

to say.


So there we were, two of us,

together in the mainstream,

outside of the eye of anyone

nearby who might,

cause our lives to scream,

yet we were in love,

and we watched our shadows,

play romantic games

in the sunlight,

just out of our sight.


We knew there was a time,

when somehow

one might want more,

and the other might as well,

yet we never realized,

both would struggle with

understanding just why,

or how, or can we, or might you,

why can we not figure out



Yet we knew love,

we are in love,

love is where we took ourselves,


we became the alone

part of understanding why.

When While This Way

I wonder the fragrance of her hair,

when nestled in her shoulder, lips touch skin,

Let me breathe in your sense

before you leave me forever.

For it is that permanence

occurs every time I say good bye

to her.

Today I have been watching time

wishing only some sign,

an indication that tells me I am not crazy,

that this is real,

the ache I feel is the response to losing her.


I wanted summer to be alive with love,

a shower of affection like a late summer rain,

the two of us, soaked linens, laughing,

kissing each other in the constance

of a watery memory,

the times we would together,

flatter each other

with a certain elusive desire.


Yet it is today I stand


I wonder how much longer she can

let my need to share sensual dreams

with her,

her being by my side,

the scent of her,

lovely elegance,

stays in my mind,


Present Self Loathing

I do lie next to you,

in spirit,

in physical form,

a reach

a cup – your breast,

a soft perhaps wakeful gasp,

buttocks seek, legs now would writhe,

begin our wound desire … a sigh

my hand stays near –

I wonder

just how to begin when confusion


while morning sunlight

could indicate the time is right.

Letting Go

I’m afraid I have to

let you go,

I’ve wanted to for a long while now,

yet always, I felt I could,

I believed,

I might change you.

I was a fool

well, you already know

I just wish I had allowed you to tell me

long before I ever decided to figure this out.

I know in the morning I will cry,

we always seem to find tears when we decide

we are no longer going to feel pain.

That irony of not feeling when we cannot breathe.

I need to let you go,

I need –

if there might be some other way to say,

I just don’t love you anymore.

I don’t know if I ever did, I tried to think so,

imagine how hard I did try,

there were so many occasions,

yet now today it couldn’t seem more clear …


the long and enduring epitaph of a very selfish man

O I do not mean to confuse my endearment …

Lovely Eyes

When in the throe of lovemaking,

I might grip your shoulders,

slide hot thighs in rhythm,

taste your beauty as my mouth search

begins to find a naked nipple,

a gasp, my hand threads your hair,

your arch in your back offers

a swift massage as now I do

in motion, in patterned thrust,

feel wet as my legs find you

grinding, readying, while

mouths find each other

rolling together,

feeling each other’s want,

a sweet grasp,

feverish tease of your breasts,

damp skin flowing,

elbows placed,

hips reaching while as we guide

ourselves together,

tongues voracious inside each other,

one move, eyes lock

we will ride this storm together.

While Wandering

I wander about physical beauty,

what is attraction,

for when I notice a nude,

I’m aroused,

when suddenly fabric caresses a nipple,

I am wanton,

I observe with precision,

the bend, an accentuated posture

delicious her derriere.


I wander about a virtual mystique

curious to know

that which may be fantasy,

sleek lines draw eyes

how might my reality

acknowledge the lovely tease

of naked shoulders, slender thighs

pique my imagination

draw the afternoon’s taste

of freedom, of passion, of quiet release


Would I while drawing lips, inner thigh

become less resistant when pleasure

speaks in gasps along sinewy lines of passion.

Well versed she is in seduction,

only by need, rather than demand.

while searching for that manner

moves her lips upon mine,

I will grasp what feels right,

an internal fire where time may wander.