I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.


Waking Autumn

When I recall the quiet noise of morn

The days I pine, the darker eyes that loom

Ask less my mind, for when I in a gloom

It is the sky I seek to slow forlorn


The memory a haunt of sorrow found,

As lives we sow are asked to further go.

Beyond the real of the love we know

Is sunlight sure to welcome saner ground.


In between slats of home a golden air

Bemuse fear of letting go, losing her

For it is beautiful the morning stir

Of golden leaves – descend summer’s ware.


So when in the morning sun I wake alone

Her elegance in brilliant sky be shown.

When Summer Remains


It is that feeling of never wanting to let go,

the clean, crisp, cacophony of morning song,

they’re in their shelters, the wood in throng,

we all witness the beauty that time forego.


Feel the gentle heat of a sunlight mastery

Quiet we do recognize our vulnerable

task to Nature’s plan, we then are able

To know this simple summertime legacy.


A passing season, a time when life alive

teaches our body to respect an energy

takes our lives beyond simple normalcy,

a vision, fantasy, an opportunity to thrive.


In her arms that one cool summer day,

was my heart in hers to forever stay.

The Serenity of a Breeze

Is a calm, when sweep naked skin,

A summer day, oh, a lovely breeze,

When she strolls slow naked skin.

The leaves have a gentle sort of tease,


When whispers suggest we are alone.

I can breathe again, in knowing her

Dreams caress such intrigue is shown.

In looking in eyes express together,


A desire only matters if in serenity

We can pass through sunlit fires

In resilient storm echo sanity.

To know the beauty Nature aspires.


Something lovely in a gale of summer,

Leaves exist cause any I to wonder.

I Wish To Know

Oh call me simple in my quiet pain,

I wish to find an easy answer, while

The shallow end remain my harbinger.


No common ground to hide words that wane,

The real truth to why such utter guile,

Sad the loss in mellow water linger.


For once in spring flowers sweet in reveal

Did hold her hand, did lips breathe utterance.

We would for hours lose our selves as one.


While in local sky, the storm does now wheel

In certainty – lackluster reverence.

A weep, a wonder, a grey cloud, no sun.


The light when in her eyes would brilliance

Glance my smile, assure me forever chance.


Touch, Whim & Serendipity

For in that sweet moment, while the eyes looked forward,

A stroll with a reach, a touch, a familiar sweet response,

When only she would realize the yearn is always toward,

A soft remind, a simple suggestion sensual, this once.


Then evening is the sky a sleek and distant shelter spoke,

In lives together meet upon a certain moment we smile

Together our recall, a further desire of passion to evoke,

I would then ask for a pause, to center in reach awhile.


Now in daylight the imagination plays against the rule,

Without suggestion could two soul an encounter enhance

So possible is that desire, that a sacrifice he will school

If when his eyes did open hers would welcome a chance.


Oh to know the paths we take to find one another’s release

It is that serendipity we seek in the privacy of sweet peace.

What Love Is

Love is a shadow in the sunlight staying close,

Beyond the scope of our tomorrow we may cry.

Love is knowing in the atmosphere we chose,

We always knew there no longer needed a why.


When we began our journey we didn’t decide

We would one day struggle to hold each other,

We only knew that love is a delightful ride,

When after time our lives change, we’d rather.


I looked across blue seas lit with setting sun,

Like a crystal glass that ripples with a cast

I wondered if together we could still feel one,

As the night sky took hold, now the past.


Love is knowing we can share our lives forever,

Intangible Grace, the absolute idyllic sweet favor.

Proper Words


How do words carry the weight

When emotions respond readily.

I would that stay within easily

Recognizable rhetoric, so relate.


When glance her eyes do beckon

Oh the spirited rise languishes in

My fantasy, her sensuality therein

Suggests a proper word rely upon.


So will my world become authentic

When while I search to find release

Only for her eyes my ink offer peace

So less my insecurity remains frantic.


Sweet elixir would appear less absurd

When my wish rely upon proper word