I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.


Sweet Patience

seek solace sweet sigh

notions new now nearing nigh

we will wander, why

Please Just Stop My Heart

It is when the pain becomes so unbearable,

when the hope is gone,

when even waiting and having faith,

seem to be a ludicrous option.

When the knowledge of what is real and fantasy

do blur themselves,

so that there is no edge,

it just runs open for miles into the country,

where no one might ever find it again.

There is a comfort in understanding the country life,

it is a sweet simplicity,

not meant to be ignored,

only certainty allows its existence

to become a natural course of one’s life,

one’s ambition,

their hope and dreams,

the uncanny ability to know peace.

There would also seem to be a purpose,

a reason to live,

because there are no obstacles,

when we can walk freely in the wood,

to drift into the sheltered brush of the country,

a place where nature begins,

and let’s everyone return.

If She Might Listen

If only,

in that moment,

when I might know,

advances were of an innocent nature,

she cried inside,

not letting me ever see her pain,

yet I was the bewildered one,

now with a stain,

a lasting impression,

I would carry with me forever.


I suppose it is that patriarchal significance,

always knowing,

self-assured and callous,

anticipating the world to be our measure

of decency,

yet in that quiet memory,

I do recall her laughter,

it did,

bring us to the top of the mountain,

just the ledge,

the ledge that kept testing balance,

would never have held us both.


In lasting memory,

I always do replay the moments,

when somehow,

I hesitated,

and she would later,

have a confusion,

I can only hope would someday

turn a smile.

In This Moment

I settle in to a memory,

it holds faith,

for all the quiet reflection,

when eyes would look far ahead,

see a sunrise within the rains,

those were the moments,

while she would caress my soul,

I might find her smile,

the sweetest reflection of love.


There is a sometime pause,

when we suddenly become

silent in our awareness,

we find measure,

we choose decisive choice,

in an effort to recognize

her elegance,

I chose to fall into visible arms.


Today, when eyes met,

there was this eternal peace,

we knew,

she knows,

I believe,

and together our lives,

will hold onto these rare times,

when love,

can speak in actual terms.

These Tears

They are just now,

as you read the words,

know they pour from my soul,

each drop

layers my check,

dresses the faint dampness,

a quiet midnight sky,

would not reveal,

unless it were your eyes,

that I might count on,

near me,

your gasp, your love,

to dress my heart,

to show my world,

you exist inside me.

With Whispers We Sing

In the quiet, a sexy shade of sensuality,

I would move to feel, to grace your skin,

gather near to offer me your beauty,

a gasp, a smile, eyes that yearn,

it is this memory, when with you I yearn.


I remember the slow rhythm of finding lips,

our nuzzle, slow and deliberate, knowing

we can be here forever before we even begin.

While time a continuum outside our private world,

we will create a delicious passion together.


Do you know how often I revisit the secrecy,

the lust, the rhythmic reach to find your eyes,

to know the casting shadows tell the tale,

a writhing, your center, an open journey

whereby all sound will fall within now dreams.


Oh to now hold the moment when an utterance,

means come along with me, my pleasure is yours.

Walk Me Through

Would you please if you want to help me

could you for the moment

show me

let your fingertips draw lines


draw circles across the fabric

so you do

come alive before my eyes,

will you send your hand between your legs,

let me watch a tap upon your beauty,

let me wonder while I do become hard

in my own posture,

over here, with my smile,

my eyes seeming to flash in desire,

will you tap your fingertip,

so I might wonder how the pressure,

how much pressure,

how deep does your tap need to press

the denim of your skinny jeans,

whereby if I want to I can imagine all of you is

right there,

yes that is where I want you,

circles now,


allow your legs to part as the heat begins to push

eyes roll

in a sudden moment,

did you mean to do that or was that a show,

for my eyes only

as now the button of your jeans pops,


another pops

another pops to reveal your arousal inside your panties,

right there your fingertip now finds a crease,

a reason to press on ,

while your lips part,

tongue suggesting where it might land

on the surface of my hand held desire.

Would you take that walk with me,

could you,

might I ever understand how your pleasure is simply marvelous,

beyond the touch I think I know,

I could always learn from you.

Shall we begin tonight?