I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

On Women

When The Rains Come

I’ll always recall,

the beauty of her eyes,

glistening in a tear,

a sweet, soft, surreal

accentuate medley

of misty rains

held our hearts close,

we did remind our love.


I’ll always let a tear drop

when the rains do come,

the soft reality of her

sweet skin sheltered

inside my cradled arms,

the windows wet

inside the spring.


I’ll always know the rains

her love with time, it remains.

Frozen Upon A Moral Compass

Seems readily apparent,

the look in eyes,

we are all wondering

standing next to one another

when and where

why and what matters now

how do we understand,

care, wish, respect.


One life taken,

another ruined,

and thousands beyond,

curious what outcome

lay ahead, lay upon,

‘lay across my big brass bed’

and we’ll all recall the bothersome

reality that onus upon man,


‘quite frankly, I don’t give a damn,’

won’t grant you shit anymore.

In fact, in opinion, in speculation,

we’re all riding the pendulum together,

so it seems,

so we wonder,

so what.

So, actually, the truth still matters.


See you on the other side,

said the blind man,

who chose to wonder

rather than feel the tension

round and round

the merry-go-round …


… and the beat goes on.

Savor This One

My mind, my body, my eyes,

have this perpetual desire,

though it’s, well, known, has indeed,

been done, thought about, imagined,

played out.


I’ve read about it, been turned on by it,

felt the enticement of the excitement

beyond it.


Yet I cannot still call it my own,

our own,

this intrigue,

a thoughtful repose,

a candid shot in the mind of others,

I still only count upon the fantasy.


A gray day, an indiscernible disappointment

for some,

for others it is the excitement,


people watching, people seeing, people wanting,

different shapes and atmosphere and mood.

In the coffee shop on a simple afternoon,

where the stories are being told,

yet we are all so left alone.


A dark persona meant to simply allow space,

moves with a silent purpose,

eyes upon her are anticipated,

yet she has practiced diversion,

allows her life to be contained,

cup in hand, glance to the walls,

all filled with humanity inside their frame.


Choose the table,

please, I’ve arranged myself for you,

to be nearby, close enough to know eyes

suggest a scene,

only if you decide,

I can wish upon a dream,

I can hope to set the tone for this scene.


Wraparound legs, a turtleneck plays inside silk design,

she is stunning in her desire to be the elegance

she certainly portrays in a delicious

natural sense.


Sit there – my eyes dart away, my expression flush,

I wait in hope this lovely woman

will allow my eyes to exchange smiles with her,

though there is more to the story,

a lust, a desire, a certain silent seduction,

a pairing of ideals, of mood, of anticipation,

I would if given avenue, begin a quiet caress,

soft shoulders that speak of need,

lips, with little of a painted display,

yet certain to provide the sensuality my yearn

might feel if given a key to this fantasy.


She sips, while book open, her eyes devour

this moment with a delicious affect

speaks to my loins, I do want her now,

she glances my way,

the intensity of my need widens her eyes,


her book closes, a sip, a moment to ponder,

she steps out of my fantasy, to yet an exit nearby.


Deftly, my books close, book bag sorted,

my exit apparent,

I reach the car,

step inside with my state of mind,

anyone might ascertain,

yet remains completely my own,

for the moment.


‘Did that work’ she says, with a smile, buckling in.

I glance upon lithesome … eyes,

the pullover she knows is my favorite,

a complimentary scarf so elegant,


I gather a breath, ‘Oh my, I do so … ‘


sweet lips entangle my reaching gasp.


Quiet Screams

It’s when in a moment, my world suddenly shifts,

when a word, a possibility, a delight suddenly leaves


we’re left to fend for ourselves, the dignity drifts,

we try to imagine a holistic realization receives


precedent, a strength beyond my world,

where watching her dance my head twirled.


I miss the sudden grip of my body and her kiss,

the moment when all else is put aside, nothing amiss,


I wonder about her, and where she might be tonight,

I picture situations, scenarios I’d rather not see,


and yet, whom am I to imagine anything more than me,

how selfish to believe my precedent overrules her needs.


I’d love to have you with me now, I’d hold you,

my kiss would last forever, I’d want you to find my eyes.

If I Could, Beyond Words

I would hold, her.

In my imagination, I touch her skin,

feel the soft wonder of her reception.

The sky is blue, the temperature is warm, her eyes

do sparkle in the night sky.


If I could be there for you I would,

it breaks my heart to know …


the distance is this place

we belong now,

this quiet absence whereby

we only find an occasional cry.


I do long for the moment when I will nuzzle,

your sweet scent, hair luxurious to my touch,

to know, to understand, to feel, to wonder,

to breathe in every aspect of your quiet beauty.


There is, beyond words, a constant.



In My Sights

No one might ever know,

the sight of you,

I did today however though

see eyes in the blue.

Thought not a glance as I’d anticipate,

she did play the role of a beautiful muse

an elegant woman, of highest integrity’s state,

she stood to depart, my smile would amuse,

if only she knew my intent,

oh to what extreme the extent.

I wanted her to be you,

as I watched in the quiet blue,

the ocean’s waves a constant

that could swallow me whole in an instant.

Yet tonight as I say goodnight again,

I’m thinking yes, of you again.

if I did lose you

I wouldn’t remember why, having said,

I didn’t want to understand how,

we could be together, again.

When time was forever, it wasn’t to imagine

we might be with each other without

having felt layers of departure.

The walls were in place long before anyone

could begin to make a wonder of how

easily drawn away we’d become.

If when on a certain afternoon, I might

return to just how beautiful I recall

you were the day our lives …

If only when a human being began to know

just how predictable love may become,

our time apart might be defined.

Yet the hours, the miles of afterthought,

turned slowly into the years we knew

would forever come between us.

If only I had known me to be who I am

when it mattered always your

beauty, then perhaps love

We could remember in an instance that time,

the day you said ‘I love you’ and my tears

became real because you did, I knew.

We all know now it is so very possible to go

through life with every opportunity

to recreate the world we desire.

There is an instant in the mind when time

becomes a measure of who we are.

We did know ourselves then.

I will always wish I might have wondered

more about how to understand you,

if I did lose you.