I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

on relationships

Showing Curiosity

the fear of knowing

beyond feigned intrigue

just knowledge

visual clarity

when hopes drawn

become a notice

eyes have less wander

pinpoint precision

please wander through brief


know the restful days

are the least favorite

when time on my hands

leaves me obsessed

with only



Reminders of Altered States

I remember now,

how I laughed and cried,

and eventually tried

to see the end of a long

narrow scope,

one that did not contain anyone

to measure true elegance.


I recall yet, still,

in the absurdity of reason,

wondering how to fill a void

beyond this energy,

her energy,

knowing yet even still,

I had no reason to be wishing so.


We form unions,

when we do,

we carefully decide upon choice,

and yet,

there is that piece, that part of


the skeptic, the wanderer, the


seems always to wonder.


Is it lust,

that calls upon our definition

of love,

so powerful we with willing,

create difficult scenarios,

the sort they make movies about,

write epic literary rendezvous,

with names like Fitzgerald,

Nin, Yves, Chopin, even Oates is real.


I once knew a woman,

whom when shadows failed,

the strict sunlight of an opaque desert,

called me forward,

and with each grain of sand I might encounter,

I could clearly see,

no reminder, no parallel,

no one would ever come close,

in the affirming nature of


I came to realize truth

is a lovely complexity.

In Such A Low

my mother would reference this place,

a sort of mental ravine,

her heart might nearly stop,

eyes would glaze?

blood flow in her feigns might suddenly,

spill into one pool of spun lethargy.

This was not a place

she liked to be,

she’d often howl at the nature

of love and all it’s failings.


yet, she never discovered a solution?

only knew when inside?

not a lesser degree of pain

could ever exist.


where my mother was always never to pull the plug,

I might decide otherwise,

though my freedom would be sought?

there leaves a ring of memory,

clinging to everyone’s personal psyche.

When Waking Alone

There is little I can do to physically fill this void,

knowing she is everywhere but here,

I can feel her, touch her sweet mystique, imagine,

yet, in the moment,

I won’t,  I cannot, I, though I yearn, I want,

in the quiet of a moment, I wish I might know,

the pulse of her heart is the same as my own,

I wish when I create fantasy,

I might have the inside look, the glance, her eyes,

if I could only hold onto that passion for this waking hour.


The rush, the sweep toward my lips, the eyes that plead,

when then we meet and time does stop, our search,

our bodies in a unison that waits for direction,

yet allows soft, sensuality to carry this peace as far as we can.


It is there in the waking hour I wish only to be … with you.

A Birthday Wish

If when in the distant horizon, a place familiar,

would while sandstorms erase the past,

she stands in the sunlit mecca, a spiritual muse.


His grateful demeanor, vivid eyes could see

a certain elegance that one time is lost,

today is in his heart real beyond his dreams.


Could I please offer you my kindest wishes

he did plead to the silent night sky,

I do wish to hold you in my arms and cry.


Because in love we move beyond the norm,

there is a delightful caress in my mind,

tells me she is nearby, waiting in her quiet.


I do love you he would say, as she might begin

a slow methodical step toward truth eternal.

Quiet Eyes

A sweet pose, not meant for eyes,

only the girl inside may know

her heart has a quiet ache,

holds room for a soft soul.


She might wonder about life,

what is this place we all decide

matters inside ideals of desire,

knows alone better than most.


On the other side of town,

exists a confusion has a yearn,

a constant, streams connect lives

he imagines hers a lovely world.


A time ago she spoke of nature,

he will hold on forever, a sound

whistle in the twilight – –

reminders to share eternal love.


Silent is the night while we live

close to beauty, chosen elegance,

She is spiritual mystique, free,

to know surely love is a forever.

Sweet Words Begin My Day

It is when I can imagine her eyes,

searching the paper, the right keystrokes,

for we are beyond the parchment,

the monitor speaks to her,

while the journey continues,

to find her soul in saying hello.


I do see tears, they are those I wish to touch,

with lips that will assure her

always the reflection is my love.

My fingertip might catch a runaway,

gather between finger and thumb

and bring this moisture to my own lips

to be with you in every aspect of my mind.


It is when the sunlight brings me to my place

this fashion of life I choose,

when waking to the moments,

as the clarity of her elegance swoons my mind.

It is then I know, her words, her beauty, her sweet

privacy …


While my world begins, I am traveling with you.