I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.


Cafe Dreamers

There’s a rain steady,

keeping indoors the traveler

whom might be seeking the wood,

may stroll along the coast,

skipping rocks, switching thoughts,

contemplating the beauty around them,


the coffee shop,

holds promise to the conversations

around that though similar, seem different,

contain stories all the same,

yet unique,

their worlds are always different,

in the context of their moments,

until we can catch each other’s eyes.


We wonder about the people next door,

a table nearby our own private world,

did they speak of it,

were they aware,

was there a time in their lives when everything,

seemed similar, possible, simple,

perhaps it is true,

they say it often enough to never forget,

we’re all the same,

we haven’t any lead on the element of change

the human condition might experience the same,

euphoric wonder built upon manifest tragedy.


I was sitting along with my company,

my world against hers,

together we were watching our own world,

responding to the elements in a unique fashion,

yet still, very still, almost

in a sort of decopaged setting,

still life,

to be measured in someone else’s eyes,

for they are the judge of this life,

not us,

we are simply the portrait.


A stillness in the air,

while we wait the rains,

they might part to give allowance

to nature’s Grace in the wooded freedom

of a dense forest,

away from all wander of deception.


While I stood inside the sidewalk cafe,

I watched the people around me,

create lives of envy,

to balance those of misfortune,

whose measure relied upon me,

or my own eyes, or their’s or someone


with similar passion.


Yet in all of our sightings,

there seems only one reality.

Splendid Rains

While we our eyes did search

the rains were evident in evening

We did touch upon memory’s grace

the rains offered a quiet canopy.


I watched your eyes while my hands

held cheeks, soft they did weep love

In our search we took time to know

the mystique of love was ours to tell.


When night sky would signal an end

a smile we could share just knowing

our hearts were filled with each other,

energy sublime in delicious elegance


Oh to touch your cheek, to run sweet

sensory surround, my world complete.


Real Pain Versus Hollywood


She broke my heart today,

an actor trails off to a setting in a bar,

a drink in front of him he slowly circles the glass with his fingers,

his eyes seem to say,

she is the one that broke my heart, not me.

Here at home, I haven’t any facade to count upon,

only my life, my heart, my soul,

my who I am suddenly trapped inside this world of quiet


for that is what we are after all, much like Hollywood.

We play our role, we dance a number,

sing a song sweet melody,

the world is a happy and fulfilling place,

in celluloid visual special effects.

Here at home my tears are real,

and yet,

while I am here and she is there, and we are both


our lives we find some healing grace,

and we’ll move on with only a nostalgic tear …


I guess after all life is a film studio..

On Art Museums, Love & the Stage


There are places we like to be,

to find, to allow our selves to evolve

while others walk about totally unaware

of cathartic dreams.


Perhaps the man in crimson rendezvous is suffering,

yet all eyes would only imagine,

his to be an outward glance

toward a unique fire in his mind.


There is always love in the midst of pure artistic restraint,

caught in the canvas of our own study,

the desire to know, to understand,

to interpret wholly the reason being.


I walked inside an auditorium only to witness

beauty arise, brought me upon a newer plane,

a place where all our lives,

are meant to thrive within the dimensions allowed.


So do you walk, appreciate the grace of freedom,

the mind is gravy to the shadows

that take us on different paths,

yet seem to meet in the surreal atmosphere.


We are together always in tune,

in wonder, in delicious delight, akin

our lives, hearts, finding soul in rest,

will continue sweet illusion is love.


*Photo found on Time Out Magazine

No Longer

May not, cannot, will not,

I shant imagine otherwise,

whilst the world itself

in heartfelt harmony

must exist,

if I am to presume,

I will not know you well.

For the sanctity of a privacy,

life does grant opportunity,

yet only the beauty of grace

allow any deep felt sanity.

In words your magic is alive

in the pictures drawn,

the notion I derive,

yet apart, afraid, away from me,

I must realize the peace it be.

Cherish only the remarkable passion

we all live together, in want of fashion.


These are the fleeting,

the carry me along with patience,

smile as we dance through each obstacle,

sudden moment of delicious unbridled sensuality,

something shared,

a certain knowing, crisp, tension finds relief

only in beauty and grace,

a quiet interlude,

common space,

that look in her eye when the moment seemed almost

like a sweet miracle of magic beyond the escaping breadth

of our contained human nature.

When only the soul is complete in an effort to suggest

we can have this surrealistic moment,

and yes,

everything about us together now,

is alright.


musings by the lake after the spring thaw

When Hurt Remains

I have been places,

dark, spooky, forbidden recesses

in my mind,

around the world

well beyond my own circle of deceit.


I know that love

can embrace the most painful

realities, no matter the circumstance,

and while life seemingly

travels forward, I wish for solace.


This isn’t for me though,

despite realizing everything

generally is,

I am reaching out to accentuate

beauty without agenda.


I began this walk

with shallow waters to protect

my own innocence,

when slowly the current

brought me far beyond my comfort zone.


Yet today,

I began to wonder about yours,

how often

did my words interfere

with your own, hopes and dreams.


I could wonder where you are today,

find relief in knowing safe

translates your state of mind,

but I will still wander with the memory,

of who I am, who I became, who I …


I am something of a societal flaw,

in this realm will my own conscience gnaw.