I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

Erotica – Prose

When I Noticed You

Across the room,

eyes on me while flick

of light danced upon your skin,

I remember,

warm, inviting, seductive

airs of energy swept me as my briefcase

left my hands and I stepped your way.

Your hand shot up, pause,

sit down you told me,

and I gathered myself in the soft fabric,

watching, anticipating, your smile

trained my every notion.

An immediate bulge in my pants as you

reposition yourself …

left foot planted, lost in the fabric,

knees apart, right leg stretching toward me,

and I follow,

my eyes moving up your calf, your inner thigh,

as your fingertips direct me.

Silk tonight, now becoming visibly moist

while your fingertips, lazy,

play your music, lips glistening,

as I do imagine your mouth around me,

your eyes trail down my unbuttoned shirt,

to my hand holding promise,

‘That will have to wait’ your voice,

drips with desire, heavy and alert,

you are taking me for a ride,

yet, I discover this will not happen,

until you satisfy your need for me tonight,

your show, your delicious mastery

of that which will create spasms in

your, every, inch of sensual tease.

Tease me please!


Elevate My Posture – Prose


‘Funny how people really don’t know what happens’ she said as the elevator door opened.

Once inside she waited for his hands to push her against the marble facade back wall of the elevator, letting her hands rest on the wall for balance while her breasts pressed her into submission as his fingertips now flipped underneath her pencil skirt, lifting the fabric above her ass, just as the elevator doors closed. She heard him click the stop button. She loved these moments, and looked forward to the cries above and below the floors as people waited for the jammed vehicle while he fucked her passionately against the cold marble wall. She knew he’d be pleased to find her naked underneath, that was half the arousal that kept him hard as they walked into the hotel lobby. His fingertips slid underneath her ass to slip sweet into her snatch, feeling her gasp as he shoved a couple of fingers in. She just let her hands rest on the wall, no need to move as she heard his other hand unbuckle, and soon, slacks slipping past her naked legs to the floor. His kisses on the back of her neck kept her tingling inside, as she waited, wondering how hard he might be already.

Then suddenly she knew as both hands grasped her hips and he entered her without practice, just a slide of passion that filled her completely causing her legs to buckle while he held her up against the wall, pressing her gyrating body harder, now thrusting slowly as her moans began to create his sense of rhythm.

‘Elevator’s stuck again’ she heard a distant voice, and then her quiet chuckle turned into a silent gasp as she pressed her lips feeling his hard cock move inside and the pound had begun. Her eyes closed she pressed her face against the cold marble while his tongue dove inside of her mouth, almost causing her to gag while his pumps became more forced and urgent. She felt the cabin of the elevator start to vibrate as his groans began to indicate a moment, and then a slow gurgling release inside of his chest spilled upon her lips, as he exploded inside of her, again, again … again.

He held her close as she turned around to face him with kisses, a spent look in his eyes that indicated only desire and a grateful edge of passion that only they were creating these days. He pulled her skirt down around her hips, and released the button. They removed their provocative postures, into stances appropriate to the outside world, and the door opened to waiting riders.

“My look outside, its starting to drip” she smiled, as he held her hand, stepping out into the visible world while his cum continued to melt along her inner thighs.

Simple Sex – Adults Only

That’s when I will taste your inner thigh with only my tongue. You waited for me in the bedroom and when I walked in, there you were, bathrobe open, on the comforter, with your legs spread, and a smile. I walked up to you, looked you in the eyes, and followed your eyes as I ran my hands along your legs, kneeled down and began.

I placed my mouth on your left knee my hand sliding underneath, massaging your inner thigh. Your elbows holding you up, your eyes watching me, so that every time I looked up I would see you and know the arousal drove your pupils slowly toward an exacting climax. Spreading your lips apart with my fingertips, I had to be more firm because you were already so wet. Each touch brought needy gasps from your lips.

My tongue was direct, teasing with circles your exposed and very erect clit, the moment my tongue touched your skin, you arched your back, and I could feel the tension in your body – I wanted only to comfort you with an explosive orgasm and the release of your stress afterward. I wanted to look in your eyes and see the fires begin to settle because of your efforts.

My teeth rounded your clit, with purposeful bites – not hard mind you, just simply little moments of sliding my teeth along your your skin … with a rhythm, a steady motion that left you gasping for air. I used your gasps to drive me further, enveloping your clit – lips, tongue, mouth while two fingers dove inside of you and my other hand slid under your buttocks and experimented with some direct anal.

Gasps turned to groans, and a writhing body, as I watched your magnificent reaction to our attention upon your sex. I was happy, I’d managed a day of kitty sex.