I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

Erotic fiction

Morning Glance


To sit and enjoy a cup of coffee on a warm sunny morning. Nothing better really. Glancing around the room, the usual patrons stroll in drop their $6 for a drink and move through the crowd unnoticed. I like the sights of course, the women that come through these little coffee shops must spend hours in front of the mirror before they edge out into the public eye. For me, there is a certain delight in seeing the beauty of woman stroll before my eyes, while I sit non-descript at a corner table with a paper open that I never read.

When the lines filtered through and the place began to settle, there were the usual folks with their laptops, brief cases, phones, sitting in their favorite tables, the regulars who would occupy the space all morning. I was one of them, tucked away near the back windows, with a scan of the whole place, the occasional fortunate position to find a lovely woman sitting facing me across the room. Today was no different as I noticed her right away, a sort of flowery ankle length sun-dress, with sandy brown hair to her nipples, a smile, on a 90 degree day. I hope you can imagine the visual. I watched her stand in line, and glance around the room looking at tables, being careful to not gawk at her when we met eyes, just a smile on my face, looking busy with my paper. When she did sit down, she looked more intently towards me for a moment, opened her laptop and disappeared into the morning, her steaming coffee radiating her cheeks nearby. Her body language inviting, with her left leg crossed over her right in a manner that opened her thighs toward me, with that left foot aimed and throwing circles of attention my way. I opened myself up to her, legs parted, with my right foot slightly ahead of my left planted on the wood, with a slight rock of my inner thighs to suggest perhaps, but certainly allow her to see any discreet bulge her own actions might inspire.

A glance,

a shared set of eyes,

her pensive lips,

a smile,

eyes toward me with purpose,

scanning me with intent,

then gazing upon knowing eyes,

She uncrossed her legs for a moment,

slightly parted yet a woman,

sundress sensual,

another peek in my eyes,

a slight flush exterior, while fingertips part her hair,

to lift and reveal the naked shoulders that spaghetti straps

just love to tease a man’s eyes with.

Her fingertips land on that shoulder,

teasing the naked perspiration of morning’s heat,

lips parted once more,

a bit of tongue,

now direct eye contact.

I am immediately aware of my … growing intrigue,


in a manner …

offers delicious discretion …

This is when I realize what might just happen in the next few minutes is everything a gentleman could hope to occur in this mecca of lovely women readying their day with the first public scrutiny of man. She looked my way with a deceptive smile, and swept her left leg across her right again. Her hands laid on the side of her laptop and she kept her attention on her laptop, and Masturbation-Monday-badge-smallthen began to rock, slowly with a steady rhythm, her smile turned needful … I watched as my own erection began to take shape comfortably tucked in my jeans. If I reach my hand down to cup myself, I might very well explode as the eroticism of her actions began to swim in my head. I imagined her wet, and enjoying a playful and soft rhythm; while the less mindful went about their ordinary day, this delightful vision was taking me on a trip along her own sensual fantasia.

As I watched her I imagined her naked underneath the fabric of her sundress, safe to eyes all around and sexy and imaginative inside. Her rocking became more steady as she now took to glancing intently out the window past the right of my head, with an occasional look to me for assurances, the steady glance allowed her obscurity along other scanning eyes. I noticed her hands gradually open to palm on the table, as her rocking increased, as if clearly, she were looking for that one delicious posture that would begin her journey.

As quickly as it all began she did discover the correct motion, the delicious sway, the numbing touch of the delightful desire, fabric, legs and thigh, and clit becoming a central draw of rhythm. Her hands slowly slid to smittenthe side of her table and both hands gripped the sides as she stared with a certain need outside at the glorious sunshine of this hot summer’s day, her legs moving ever so slightly and exacting. Her face became immediately flush as she ducked, her chin caressing her neck as she let go without reveal. Only I knew, I could tell as my hands yearned to pull my cock out of my pants to meet her lips, but instead, I simply kept my paper in front and to be sure, didn’t dare touch my own arousal. She looked at me with a gracious smile, took deep breath and without breaking eye contact, closed her laptop, let out a distant sigh, and stood up to move her yearning body into the sea of world that encompasses us all on a Monday morning …

I would suggest from that moment on to simply always allow the possibility of a morning glance.

Elegant Flourish – a poetry book

Hello everyone – I have just published my first piece – an experiment if you will, on Smashwords, thanks to Kayla Lords for the suggestion. We’ll see where it goes. Nonetheless I would love to see you click on and take a look and reblog it, tweet it, link it, whatever you feel like ‘doing’ with it … 🙂




When I Asked

She said, ‘yes’ with a smile,

come here,

come hither young man,

come near me,

and watch me,

excite me with your eyes,

while I travel alone,

watching you.

Entice me with your love

for the beauty of my own,

dressed with your desire,

today, tonight, tomorrow,

when ever we feel our love transpire.


She asked me to sit down,

and I did, and rested my hand upon my need,

for there was a stirring,

as she lay draped in red silks,

a hot and enticing vision before me.


her hands began with dangled fingertips,

tossing circles around her nipples,

like a mid-afternoon private drive

on our own bodies, with the light tap,

the trace along our naked skin so erotic.

she continued to move her fingertips

opened her legs to create opportunity.


I stroked my posture in the light fabric,

letting my fingertips slide along the shaft,

yearning for lips to encompass my pleasure


her eyes half shut she looked through me,

‘Are you waiting?’ she mused as her fingertips

reached inside, unveiling the fabric of her

lacy underwear, her tender need playing,

her eyes seeking more, as her arm drew close

and a free hand found her breasts, if only

just then a moment as she began to move.


her eyes glanced purposeful and she nodded,

yes she was looking at my need, then searching

for my eyes with an ‘are you turned on’ expression,

because I know I am now with the notion

of you inside me … but we are not there yet.


Touch Me, Please

hot tub

‘I’m going to hot tub’ and she crawled out of bed. No sex again, I thought to myself, and rolled away to fall into a dream. Perhaps then I might find satisfaction, by getting off in the surreal world of old memories blended with present desires and needs. My eyes closed in the sunlit room of our little weekend spa, conveniently equipped with a valentine hot tub, something that presently remained a bathtub for my purposes. I drifted off while she was filling the hot water, and I was listening to her expound upon the lovely oils the spa had supplied the clientele. Again, I wondered why I felt so … and then sleep.

I woke to the low rumble of the hot tub, and knew if I turned to my right, I would see the ocean before me and my lovely partner laying in the hot tub, I suppose reading a book. I didn’t imagine what I would discover in my quiet arousal. She was kneeling in the tub, her back completely exposed and her ass beaming just above the water, her head arching back ever so slightly, obviously in a state of need. I looked a bit closer and realized she had positioned herself in front of a jet spray, and was massaging her clit, slowly bringing herself to a climax, that she imagined she might sneak in while I was sleeping.

I was immediately moved by her beauty, her buttocks shining from the glisten of oils and mix in the tubs generated froth … her naked back arching and hair streaming over her shoulders while she surely glanced at the sea, wondering where her true romantic vision might be waiting … I decided it was time for me to take action, sort of speak. We hadn’t had sex for nearly a year, so many issues stepping in the way, all petty of course, all control matters that neither of us felt like letting go. Instead we spent our time resentful and getting off on our own time. Me, by internet porn and my own hand, and her … her, wow, by magically playing the poised nature of a valentine hot tub. I was already hard as I slowly pulled the sheets down and began to move toward my lovely sex machine.

I stepped slowly into the back of the tub without distracting her. She was so into reaching her climax she certainly wasn’t able to know I was there. My cock in hand – I was already hard – I kneeled directly behind her, and slowly moved toward this picture of a glistening ass that any man would fucking come over before he might even realize what he was looking at in the moment. I was going to enter her without touching any part of her body.

Her legs were spread enough to help her keep her posture while she continued to stimulate her clit with one hand and hold onto her breast with the other. She was arching when I suddenly thrust my cock inside, her reaction shooting up so fast she almost snapped me and thereby nearly knocked out my teeth with her head, as I immediately wrapped my arms around her breasts and held on for dear life. She realized and immediately melted in my arms, letting me now begin to thrust my cock inside while I let my tongue taste her passion, kissing her neck and now holding her soapy breasts, her nipples aching in the palms of my hands. She gave me an “Oh my God” and slapped her hands on the side of the whirlpool in a manner that said, “ok, finish you fuck,” and so I did, I grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard as I could, and the months of rage and resentment and pity and woe, all of the frustration I felt just buried my swollen cock deep inside her center, her groans and desire giving me strength to continue, turning all of those emotions into pure unbridled pleasure. I soon exhausted myself inside of her – the purpose of this was surprise, so a quickie was merited – and we collapsed into the whirlpool in a spoon of delicious passion, eyes closed wondering what had just happened.

She turned her head and opened her eyes and looked at me. (to be continued)

Trains and Shorties (the prequel)

The Station

I’d taken the train home for a couple of years, a leisurely swath through the ruraltrain countryside of Wisconsin, leaving from Chicago and arriving in St. Paul around 7 or 8 hours later. The route held a stop in Winona, a college town with a three to one advantage of women over guys in enrollment. The train? Well it contained a lot of girls returning to school from Chicago, hot, smart, chic women, that left me feeling hard from Milwaukee to Minneapolis.

I was 25 and single. Well I guess we all are then, right? This ride I wanted to be different so before I got on the train I bought an eight pack of Miller shorties and stuffed them into my back pack. I already had a couple of joints rolled with a powder of hashish slipped into my cigarettes. If the right situation arose, it was a party, if not, I would be stoned to the gills and stumbling off the tracks by the time we got to St. Paul. Either way its a win.

I walked into the car with my usual immediate scan looking for open seats and a hot woman sitting across the aisle in her own. My fantasy always led me to believe I would strike up a conversation, but inevitably the curse of boredom would settle in and have them sleeping to the cadence of the rails before I could figure out a way to, ah, speak.

sketchAs I strolled down the aisle I noticed a woman sitting alone gazing out the window, a lovely hand knit scarf wrapped around and resting on her shoulders, coat open to reveal a lovely paisley a-line skirt to her ankles; I immediately thought about panties. The car was crowded enough, so I took a breath, and sat in the aisle seat next to her. She turned from the window and her eyes met mine, and for that single beat of time, I wondered what her lips would do, until suddenly – a smile, and then her face turned back to the window. I settled in, laid my backpack at my feet securely between my shoes and leaned back in the comfort of the reclining seats. She had a sketch book laying in her lap closed to the naked eye but weathered enough to tell me, artist. I thought to myself, paisley, sketch book, scant makeup but stunning bohemian hair and eyes … definitely a hippy that can appreciate a little hashish and a beer.

The whistles blew and the Silver Bullet began its departure. The usual stranger adjustments occurred, my jacket came off and she unwound her scarf to reveal that really cool John Lennon shirt, with a pair of lovely nipples peeking through his cheeks. I thought to myself, ok, if she was closing the door, those nipples probably wouldn’t have been allowed to breathe, and I was happy to let the cold cabin air pique my interest. lennon

“A Beatles fan” I said, “That’s pretty awesome”

“Well, more of a Lennon fan” she responded and I felt myself squirm with delight.

A beautiful woman that knows why she likes the Beatles I thought to myself. I immediately reached into my bag and pulled out a shorty and gestured to her. She smiled and said sure, and then pulled out a blanket and threw it over the arm of our seat to create a shelter for our illegal provisions. This was just too easy I thought to myself, and we clicked our beers and toasted the drive. The night sky loomed and we were clearly in rural country, our conversation becoming easier as we started on our second beer. The blanket had now been spread across both of our laps, so our beers just casually remained underneath while our conversation evolved ~ she was an artist going to MCAD in the cities, and I was an actor ~ both attractive designs that presented a sexual tension that soon moved our eyes toward one another, she occasionally looking down symbolically, and me catching her glance while I tossed my eyes on her breasts. It was happening when at one point I wanted to kiss her, but that would have stopped the whole moment. The coach was far too active. We needed a diversion.

I had read that the sleeper cars were open to the general public if the train was at low capacity, and I had occasionally strolled back to find several empty ones on previous trips. I leaned into her so my lips were just inches from her ear. My tongue could have reached and showing restraint, I whispered …

‘Wanna smoke a joint? the sleepers are available.”

She looked at me immediately with a smile and said,


We decided it would be in our best interest to go separately, so I suggested leaving one cracked open while I waited for her. I threw my back pack under the seat, grabbed my cigarettes and headed to the bathroom. feeling the anxious zeal of a little kid about to get his favorite ice cream. I walked a couple of coaches until I found the sleeper car, pretty normal to be taking a walk on a long train ride.  The signs read vacant on the first four compartments, so I chose the fourth, opened the door, to reveal a couple of beds laid out with linens. I ducked around to see an empty hallway and popped into the room, found my joint and waited. In my nervous state I stood up and pulled the drapes in the rooms. I suppose I was concerned a few deer might catch me fucking at 80 mph through the Wisconsin forest. Minutes later, she walked in with a smile, her skirt playing with my eyes, as I looked at her breasts creating a delicous smile on John Lennon’s face.

“Hey” I said,

“Hey back” she replied while she locked the cabin door behind her, and sat next to me on the bed. I pulled out a joint and lit it, and took a huge drag and held on while I watched her take it from my fingers and suck on it like a master, holding her breath, and handing it back to me. We took a few more hits, and the room was filled with a blue smoke, we looked at each other smiling, no words, pretty stoned. She leaned into me and kissed my sliding her tongue inside my mouth while i found myself falling back into the cushions of the bed. She was so hot, my hands slid under her t-shirt to cup her naked breasts while she deftly unbuttoned my jeans, and pulled my cock out into the open, stroking me with an immediacy that told me this would not take much time. I reached down her back while my lip while she stripped off her t-shirt and felt her wetness inside her skirt, quickly pulling the fabric up over her ass to reveal her a commando woman. She chuckled as she watched my reaction to her not wearing panties, and I drove my tongue further into her mouth, now fingering her while her hand stroked my cock into a rock of need. She slid her mouth along my naked chest, yanked my pants off, and pulled my briefs down to my ankles, all while her mouth explored my cock with long licks and quick and fervent mouth sucking that hand my hands pushing the walls on my side and behind me, just wanting to explode. In a flash she stood up and leaned in to kiss me while she lifted her dress above her waist and slid my cock inside with little effort, she was so wet and felt so tight around my cock, I began slamming her with hard thrusts that she rode while diving her teeth in to my shoulder, her hands on my back in such a manner that I felt there would be scratches afterward. trainI turned her over while inside and laid on top of her, holding my arms up so I could look at her body. She was beautiful, her breasts just perfect and milky, nipples hard and needy, I leaned down and bit her left while I slowly slid in and out of her pussy, her eyes looking at me with a delightful passion, I moved to her right nipple and did the same and kept the same pace with my thrusts her hips handling me with a beautiful rhythm. I slid my hands underneath her shoulders and held myself up so i could just look into her eyes while I fucked her. She smiled and we began to pick up the pace, both honoring each other’s need and holding on while we closed our eyes trying to reach a climax together, and then we would rest, find ourselves and spend time looking at each other, giggling, with ‘this is remarkable’ glances until finally she stopped moving and asked me to stop, held onto my face with her tender hands and whispered,

“I’m Nina”

Drinking in Decisive Drivel

We drank all night, until the bars closed, Nina and me, with her sister Lori hanging around. Truly I wanted to bang Nina, for years, but as the liquor settled in Lori was obviously in better shape, taller, more defined, her tits looked very welcoming in her tight ‘Pink Floyd Rocks’ t-shirt. I wanted to rock her, but turned back to Nina with my tequila in hand, and lemon in the other …

“Are we ready ladies, last one for the night” and the three of us did our best to maintain the technique of a tequila splash followed by downing the rest of our Heinekens. Just then the lights came up and our uglies began to appear so it was time to slink out into the midnight air, head to someone’s home and fuck our brains out. At least that’s what I wanted, and it didn’t even cross my mind that maybe Lori wanted that too. She was basically just Nina’s sister along for the ride, sort of speak. But my that ass just kind of drew me as her sundress walked my cock down the sidewalk towards Nina’s place.

Without words we were heading to Nina’s apartment. Lori was living with her until she got her feet on the ground as a graphic artist. She’d only been in town for a few weeks, while Nina and I had been flirting with this opportunity for weeks, needing to satisfy that consummation of sexual abandon while riding the train together weeks earlier. Lori was well ahead now while Nina and I held each other up, me by sliding my arm around her waist, and her latching onto my balls underneath my ass. I thought to myself, there’s a good chance I will get laid tonight.

We stepped into the barren apartment, the sort that is so furniture-less you could basically hear the cockroaches gathering before the lights went on. A single pole light stood over a futon crumpled in the corner with a crate of albums next to a stereo system, high speakers, with the receiver on one and the turntable on the other. The wood floors were nice, but damn Nina needed furniture. I guess lifestyle prevents practicality. We bid our good night to Lori, as she stepped into the spare bedroom down the hall, and no sooner did I watch that ass depart, Nina had my jeans at the waist and walked me right past the futon into her bedroom, slapped the door shut, and in a foggy blur I realized I was laying on her bed with my cock in her mouth, seconds later. She played me with her tongue, and the swirl of the night just kept me in her grasp. I slid my hands over her hair and played with her long bangs while she sucked me deep. I had no idea it would be so easy, but yeah, I should have known, because this energy clearly existed that night on the train, just before we were interrupted.

While she sucked on my cock, she disrobed, pulling off her shirt and shorts, buck naked underneath, and began fingering herself madly as she licked my balls and continued to play my shaft like a fucking harmonica. That is what I missed, she could handle a cock better than anyone I knew. She knew it, and just before I exploded, her mouth left me, she stood before me naked still drawing methodical circles around her clit as she smiled,

“You want this you sick fuck” laughing. “The guy who said the sleeper cars are open to the general public, and not ten minutes into sliding your cock inside me, did the conductor knock on the door.” I laughed remembering just how hot she was that night, and fortunate she was wearing a sundress, and me in slacks that hid my underwear when I threw my pants on so quickly to open the compartment door.

But I flashed back to her hot tits looking at me waiting for my mouth, and she walked towards me, pushed me back on the bed, stood over my cock and settled in. From there, she literally rode me like a horse until I came so hard inside of her I thought it might hurt her, but when I looked at her eyes rolled back in her head, I felt alright. I felt fucking fantastic as she collapsed on top of me and we both just sort of passed out in our mellow buzz, the evening train sounding outside to bury the throes of lovemaking we had certainly passed on to the apartment next door.

I wondered as I fell asleep about Lori …

When the morning came, It was clear this was simply a tryst, and it was time for me to go. There wasn’t that orange juice given to me to quench my thirst. It was more of a groaning leave me the fuck alone so I can sleep sort of moment. That was alright, we had served one another’s purpose, so I got up and got dressed, threw my hat on, and stepped out of her bedroom, almost tripping on Lori’s foot that was hanging off the edge of the futon right outside of Nina’s room. What the fuck I thought, as I looked at her naked body, just panties laying sprawled on the futon up against the wall of Nina’s bedroom. Her fingertips were inside her panties, and the other hand laying sprawled as if it fell into place as she passed out to sleep. She looked so inviting, and she opened her eyes and smiled at me, but I was in such a hurry I didn’t realize she was asking me to have her.

I went out the door, and tripped down the staircase into the morning rain, having accomplished that task of getting laid, but the rest of the day, the remainder of the week and days afterward, all I could think about was Lori laying on that futon …


Elevate My Posture – Prose


‘Funny how people really don’t know what happens’ she said as the elevator door opened.

Once inside she waited for his hands to push her against the marble facade back wall of the elevator, letting her hands rest on the wall for balance while her breasts pressed her into submission as his fingertips now flipped underneath her pencil skirt, lifting the fabric above her ass, just as the elevator doors closed. She heard him click the stop button. She loved these moments, and looked forward to the cries above and below the floors as people waited for the jammed vehicle while he fucked her passionately against the cold marble wall. She knew he’d be pleased to find her naked underneath, that was half the arousal that kept him hard as they walked into the hotel lobby. His fingertips slid underneath her ass to slip sweet into her snatch, feeling her gasp as he shoved a couple of fingers in. She just let her hands rest on the wall, no need to move as she heard his other hand unbuckle, and soon, slacks slipping past her naked legs to the floor. His kisses on the back of her neck kept her tingling inside, as she waited, wondering how hard he might be already.

Then suddenly she knew as both hands grasped her hips and he entered her without practice, just a slide of passion that filled her completely causing her legs to buckle while he held her up against the wall, pressing her gyrating body harder, now thrusting slowly as her moans began to create his sense of rhythm.

‘Elevator’s stuck again’ she heard a distant voice, and then her quiet chuckle turned into a silent gasp as she pressed her lips feeling his hard cock move inside and the pound had begun. Her eyes closed she pressed her face against the cold marble while his tongue dove inside of her mouth, almost causing her to gag while his pumps became more forced and urgent. She felt the cabin of the elevator start to vibrate as his groans began to indicate a moment, and then a slow gurgling release inside of his chest spilled upon her lips, as he exploded inside of her, again, again … again.

He held her close as she turned around to face him with kisses, a spent look in his eyes that indicated only desire and a grateful edge of passion that only they were creating these days. He pulled her skirt down around her hips, and released the button. They removed their provocative postures, into stances appropriate to the outside world, and the door opened to waiting riders.

“My look outside, its starting to drip” she smiled, as he held her hand, stepping out into the visible world while his cum continued to melt along her inner thighs.