I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.


May Enticement Speak

1AA2FF66-6624-47F3-81EE-367D329341CBOh to hold sweet passion at bay,

simple leisure of a swift hand,

in the balance of discretion,

my how the gift of her mystique

would draw a man to his knees,

would she then be the pretend,

the vehicle toward quiet a blaze

his mind in a toss of impulse

her body that temple travel light

to find each region, to know gasp

he might spend a lifetime if only

to begin, hers is a sojourn of pleasure

a delicious matter of sensuality.

Swift is the heated caress of her tease,

His, the leisure she eyes, silent allowance.

Ice Cube Trails – Revisited

For in the quiet recall,

the words we did share,

sweet fantasy,

when the ice began melting

I did listen

smiled inside your eyes,

lived in a dream

the seductive nature of love

left in this our unbridled

short rendezvous

became love, was love, is, when can be,

always remains

a constant

will I depend upon

urgent solace

in the softest silence

while the world around me lives,

that part of us,


ice cube trails


will we forever wonder

in the peace of our own

found, feigned, decided upon


was it real.

Asking Forgiveness

For it is my heart

begun this circus,

for inside my dreams,

I held promise for her eyes,

I did

become the lover

in a vast delight,

a wonder of beauty and elegance,

were my reward,

falling in love

knowing the sweet splendor

in sailing to serenity

follow my eyes

she would suggest

sweet gasp.

Sweet Response


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Memory now,

consumed in irony,

the magic of a quiet release,

when two lovers would abandon

some reality,

societal scrutiny,

in order to satisfy

each other’s urgency.


There is a long silence

while eyes adjust,

he in fingertips begins to trace

her being,

the alive gasps of a naked shoulder,

eyes further,

lips part for sweet sigh,

his find is her release,


to an outside observer,

this might be far more carnal,

yet words,

than simply the elegance,

of her beauty in his

quiet, private …


Yes, We Would

If I took just the passion of your stance,

the simple pretty of fingertips

cling a sweet fabric

my lips would wish engage,

while gasps above might

suggest me a further trial

toward suggestive lace

meant to provoke

the kindness a caress

would allow,

would arouse,

would we now.

Hers is a Mystique

When quiet gasp,


hers is a soft response,

a mellow journey

of lips and tongue,

exchanges of passionate release,

one touch,

another is a sensual


fingertips align with purpose,

quiet trace,

a forever blend of tease

inside a deeply designed

maze of passion’s own survival.

Oh to know the path to center,

when alone imagination,

is left beyond the moment,

once in sweet play,

the reach,

the desire,

the lessons in intimacy.

Imagine Quiet Resistance

The way I live my world,

wondering, imagining,

a curious emotion,

a satisfying memory,

to fill the space of reality.


In the space of an hour,

I can be next to her,

holding close her passion,

breathing in sweet delight,

hers is a romantic flair.


Tonight, is a fantasy,

I will walk through hours,

when together our lives,

become one in passion,

sensing the love that is real.



When I close my eyes,

she will be supine,

a figure in twilight,

restful with hair splayed,

upon my settling gasps.


I remember the linens,

the outline of her beauty,

I could recall forever,

the simple beauty,

the lovely tears in my eyes.


For it was in that one time,

when together our lives,

we did walk throughout the night

inside the pleasure of our dreams,

to find oneness in soul.