I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.


I Thought About It

When I asked,

I could only anticipate what

she might give me,

for it is always the choice

becomes the mystery

in sweet love,

in harmony,

in that soul-searching


might a fairy tale


is what our lives

may become.


There is a certain pattern

to the human condition,

wait and wonder,

watch our lives move past dreams,

then wander

to wish upon some magic,

a harmony,

some might imagine

our lives are all

destined to be found

along a certain pathway,

and yet,

we waited,

found ourselves

already traveling

alone, forever.


It is that eternity,

I asked there might be some thought,

it is inside a dream

a wonderful reckoning

to caress her own soft


the open response

to our integrity.

For it was I might wish

that she could visit

find the same sensuality

brings me home

to hold her wonder

within the space in time,

that is our wander.


I looked upon her dreams,

I thought about it,

and I did conclude,

there is no certain finish,

no need,

to imagine,

an end to love …

eternal harmony.

Pieces of Me

I have left different pieces,

a heartbreak here,

oh sure a typical fare,

a part of my soul belongs over there,

and somehow along the way,

I always discover another day.


There is this mountain top,

oh not the ‘free at last’ memoir,

you say,

yet, it is a place where I recall,

I left many pieces of me there that day,

having since noticed it to be paved away.


I can grasp the reality of my way,

only as one would suggest,

when all of my chakra’ point a similar way,

that is the truth,

a place where seldom might I hide,

the easily swayed part of me I’d say.


I fell in love with her this way,

a manner I’d speak of only with she,

while eyes would take me to new regions,

well beyond the hilltop, inside a forest

one might imply,

is the only place a wild remote may stay.


Those pieces of my life,

I’d sometime rather not say,

would help define the whole of me today,

if only I could ever balance,

ever discover that natural breeze,

helps cool the rage remains when run astray.



Sensual Shroud

There is a privacy,

in knowing,

a certain delicious manner,

we know,

when in our quiet moment,

our eyes do glaze in realizing passion,

in recreating a pleasure,

a certain abundant nature of reaching.


We do reach when we are together,

gives me her center,

I would search forever,

to find a way to bring delicious pleasure,

to a moment when eyes closed,

the world drifts in private assurances.


Yes, let’s take chances,

so that your lips will find mine,

eyes tear in unison,

we do know …

oh to understand there is more,

always the year remains,

to touch, feel, breathe, to count upon,

having your heart in my hands,

to each, we seek in privacy,

the elegance of soul.

Quiet Eyes

A sweet pose, not meant for eyes,

only the girl inside may know

her heart has a quiet ache,

holds room for a soft soul.


She might wonder about life,

what is this place we all decide

matters inside ideals of desire,

knows alone better than most.


On the other side of town,

exists a confusion has a yearn,

a constant, streams connect lives

he imagines hers a lovely world.


A time ago she spoke of nature,

he will hold on forever, a sound

whistle in the twilight – –

reminders to share eternal love.


Silent is the night while we live

close to beauty, chosen elegance,

She is spiritual mystique, free,

to know surely love is a forever.

Adrift In Peace


In step with love your peace alive

where when my mind runs amok

playful in shallows she will strive

to wonder if his love be just luck.


She will bask in the beauty of time

knowing when he did offer a bliss

she is a dream rosemary and thyme

for away he is gone his love amiss.


We once share the river in a throe

a place where intimacy did wild

allow our bodies intermingle go

until nightfall sated; now exiled.


She might exist on buoyant plane

sweet reminisce, her arousal alone

he recalls her in elegance plain,

that mistake the current has grown.


I do wander in time search my release

I imagine yes she remains adrift in peace.

Sky Seeker

If we might imagine for a moment


in all of her grace is taken for granted

yet fly she will

almost spiritual

in human form to reach the sky

supine sinewy seance in swan like motion

hers is meant only as treasure

in the moment,

in her own personal reality.

Why then,

must we tarnish the elegance

of woman

in all of her wondrous magic.

Ask only a favor

to recognize this sky seeker

vulnerable as sweet dove

serene in sensuality

meant to pleasure the eyes,

within fantasy the mind

could delight …

watch her fly, watch her …

seek the sky.


*I am fortunate to have the permission to occasionally attach the wonderful photography of Allen Parseghian to my work. Always grateful.

Smitten Surreal

It was just the other day,

I was a different sort of man,

by the end of the day.

I’ve always wanted you,

figured I might out of the blue

have you just the way I may.

It was just the other day,

I discovered a newer reality

I was lost in an ego drift.


When my notions of a woman of spectacular


caresses my mind any moment, every time,

I shudder to imagine,

just how beautiful she can be,

when she is away from me.

I wonder sometimes if that same

wandering soul could remain

as static as the time of day.


Things change, if I may,

I do have the same heart throbbing

desire for the beauty of you,

yet I cannot simply have my way,

without a favorable sashay sway.

I do get that, I really do.

In coming to terms,

I now take a pause

to imagine what affirms

my desire is my own only.

I sometimes have to realize

accentuating beauty, your elegance,

is a sojourn for the wise,

that gentleman of candor and chance.


So if I may,

I’d like to say farewell today,

to any particular manner obtuse,

that reflects upon an objective stare.

I can continue to love the beauty of you,

relish, dream, wanton passion extreme.

You do send me for a twirl anyhow, way,


It was just the other day,

today …